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How do we  gain the ability to trust ourselves and 

follow our inner truth, no matter what... 
and teach others to do the same?

How do we support women & girls to transform self-doubt + self-criticism so they can make courageous choices in their relationships, work, health, and home that support instead of sabotage them? 

How do you guide others to discern if it's fear or 
their Inner Wisdom guiding their choices? 


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Attend the Free Class on Teaching Women & Girls to Transform Self Doubt, Self Sabotage,
 and Negative Self Talk and to Cultivate Self Trust, Self Compassion & Self Empowerment 

Inside every woman and girl lives 2 forces - one that chooses self-sabotage and self-criticism and the other that guides her to stay true to herself. But most women (and therefore the girls we raise) lack training in how to work with these two inner forces.  

That's where we come in at The Path of Self Love School. 

Over the past decade we've developed and tested, with over 25,000 women and girls on 6 continents, a way to work with the inner critic and the inner wisdom that is specific to women and girls.

We created this free class to share with you the methodology and tools we've learned, along with an invitation to join us on our mission to teach women and girls how to transform inner fear, doubt, criticism and uncertainty and establish a strong connection to their Inner Wisdom and heart so they can access their truth and have the courage to follow it in all choices they make.  

Why the inner critic - which we call the Inner Mean Girl - shows up for women and girls differently than just a gremlin, saboteur, inner bitch or critic - and how changing this perspective empowers one in profounds way

5 of the most common self-sabotaging habits (there are 33 for women and 21 for girls) and the "self-love antidotes" to transforming them into self supportive habits - including Comparison, Perfectionism, Overwhelm, Lashing Out and Future Tripping.  

The biggest question we get: How do you teach others to tell the difference between the force of fear and the force of wisdom within - so they have the power to make good choices in the moment 

Why we need support and structure to change self sabotaging patterns and habits - and how you can create a path for people to make shift happen in their lives by working with these two inner forces. 

A powerful 'super power tool' for transforming fear and doubt and negative self-talk + tap into the loving truth of your Inner Wisdom in the moment - we may not always be able to be with the women and girls we love and serve, but they can take this tool with them everywhere.

If we can  teach women and girls how to cultivate strong self-trust, compassion and courage, 
they will have the   inner strength, clarity and tools to make self-supportive, empowering choices 
in their relationships, careers, health, wealth and home - and that is everything.  

At this session, we'll talk about:

Based on the best-selling book Reform Your Inner Mean Girl, this self-love technology has been taught to women on 6 continents who are using the tools - assessments, practices, exercises, language, workshop and circle flows - in their private practices as therapists, coaches, yoga and fitness instructors, nutritionists; in their work as teachers, counselors and mentors in schools, universities and girls programs; in their work with women in recovery; with their families, teams and communities, 
and with themselves. 

We believe we can only guide others as far as we ourselves have been willing to go. Our approach is playful and accessible - which is why it's so powerful. It gets a woman and girl connected straight to her heart and deeper truth, and from there she can liberate herself to stay true to and follow her truth no matter what.

The Path of Self Love School is a global school that teaches women and girls how to create a strong inner foundation of confidence, compassion, courage and intuition, using the power of self-love. With over 35,000 students and trained Self Love Guides on 6 continents, the Path of Self Love School has for over a decade brought a new understanding and way of accessing, assessing, teaching and guiding others and oneself on the path and practice of true self-love, beyond just self-esteem or self-compassion. The technology has been tested across age, race and socio-economic background and has been used in therapy, colleges, grade schools, prison systems, families, corporations, health and wellness practices and more as well as traditional coaching, mentoring, and personal development.  For more information visit

"I am so much stronger at guiding others to work with their Inner Critic & Inner Wisdom + so much more self-aware of my own toxic habits - I am consciously making shift happen."  - Jen Yang, Taiwan, Coach for High Achieving Women & Men

"I can see the women and girls I work with blossom and begin to make better choices and move confidently through their life decisions + I feel more confident in myself as a woman."  - Chanel Bayless, Ohio, Advocate for Mothers with Special Needs Children

"The Path of Self Love has altered my life profoundly.  I have been given an incredible amount of support from Christine and her team, as well as from the other women who have chosen to invest in themselves in this way.  I have been given a rich vocabulary, practices, and a full toolkit of strategies and tips to step into the world and say, "Hello, World, I am here!" - Juliet Kapsis, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Coach, Connecticut 


The leader of this session is Christine Arylo, founder of The Path of Self Love School, transformational leadership advisor, and three time best-selling author. After earning her MBA and climbing the corporate ladder for a decade, she chose to devote her life to helping people transform and architect lives that were both successful + sustainable, in which their hearts and souls could thrive. She found that without a strong foundation of self-love (which is more than just self-esteem) people could not truly create the lives they desired or have the power or courage to be and live according to their true heart desires and souls path.

Arylo's work in self love has been called by other transformational teachers "an illumined path of self-love" .... "a paradigm shift in how women and girls relate to their inner critic." She is the host of the internationally recognized podcast Feminine Power Time,  And has been a  featured speaker at TedX, Emerging Women, Kohler, Gap, Wharton and many other women’s conferences, retreat centers, and organizations and companies worldwide. Connect with her at

Come to learn how you can more powerfully support & guide others AND also to receive 
this 'self-love medicine' for yourself. The best guides have also taken the journey.