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The Path of Self Love Training gives you 
tangible, proven and powerful 
"self-love technology" for 

assessing, teaching, coaching, 
& guiding others 
how to practice self-love. 

The Path of Self Love Training & Certificate Program is: 

A 3-part program  for those who desire to guide, teach & prescribe self-love more powerfully & practically so you can serve others more deeply, 
and as a result, grow your sacred work in the world 
and make an impact in ways that matter most you.  


One of the hardest places for a person to stay committed to self-love is in relationship. And it’s often a difficult relationship that brings people to their self-love path, 
so having tools that really take them into their heart 
to gain self awareness and empowerment  is essential.

Using the proven technology of Choosing Me Before WE – both the book + the 40-day practice – which includes some of the deepest and most profound self-love teachings which have never been published in a book, including the Love Cracks &  Love Rings, 

you will gain more mastery & tools to:

  • Articulate the link between self-love and love in relationship 

  • Assess and give guidance around the biggest misunderstandings about love  and help reveal their subconscious "Relationship Imprint"

  • Teach and guide people to identify & heal their Love Cracks, which subconsciously drive their  sabotaging choices in relationships - so they can become empowered to make loving choices

  • Learn the signs of love starvation & isolation and how to guide a person to get the love they need in healthy ways  from more than one source 

  • Guide people how to discern who to be vulnerable and intimate with and who not to & how to set right expectations in all relationships  - using the 5 Love Rings

  • Gain a deeper understanding of “sovereignty”– what it is, how to cultivate it and how to teach it and receive ‘sovereignty’ rituals you teach others

  • Empower others to take the self love vows of : "Stay true to themselves even if that means disappointing another" and I only  have loving, respectful relationships."  

This is the only time this module will be offered until Fall 2019. 
So if you are considering, join now!


Would you like to be trained in all 3 of The Path of Self Love Technologies and Modules + Receive additional training, resources and guidance to support you in growing your work and presence +  Potentially be certified as a Self Love Guide, or just take the full training for yourself? 

Keep reading ... 

Your registration includes:
  • 13 weeks of training  -   weekly sessions you attend live via video or audio or watch later that week, paced in a way that gives you space and also supports you to show up for yourself 

  • Live teaching calls  that support you to learn on multiple levels -  including  the direct teaching transmission from Christine Arylo,  a Teacher Training handbook with all the wisdom and tools, Practice using the tools yourself so you know how it feels to experience the work (helps you embody it!),  and connection with other students.

  • Small peer-to-peer group practice circles scheduled  within the flow -   for deepening with the work, practicing, and learning. 

  • Permission to use the teachings, assessments, processes, and tools in your work 
  • Access to private online site with all videos, audios, handouts, and transcripts

  • 1:1 Personal Mentoring + Completion session - additional sessions available if you desire 

  • Certificate of Completion of the Path of Self Love Training on Reforming Our Inner Mean Girls and Empowering Our Inner Wisdom  (upon completion of requirements)

  • Templates, worksheets, and assessments   you can use with 1:1 sessions, workshops, circles, retreats, programs - professionally designed so you and the material shine! (received upon completion of Certificate requirements) 

  • Outlines and Worksheets for workshops and circles you can start doing right away in your communities (received post Certificate requirements).   

 6 Personal Self Love Guide 
Mentor Sessions

Receiving 1:1 support focused  on YOU  is one of the   most powerful ways to super power your inner self + your sacred work out in the world.   You'll be part of the inner circle and will receive:
  • A Personal Self Love Guide Mentor for the full program, receiving 2 mentorship sessions for each of the 3 main modules – you will be matched with one of the certified Self Love Guides who I've personally mentored, to be your personal mentor for the entire year.
  • Support  to embody the work + bring it more into the world in your unique way, receiving heart storming, witnessing, insight, and reflection. 

  • Support for  the entire year with the same mentor,   so that you can really be supported to go into the world in more empowered, expressed ways. 


We'd Love to Support You in Growing Your Sacred Work + Powerful Presence in this World 

About the Path of Self Love School &
the International Movement of Self Love

Founded by Christine Arylo in 2007.  Fueled by Love Ambassadors globally.

Join Us for our Fall 2018 Session - click hereApply for the full Path of Self-Love Training + Program - click here

We start our next Training on September 25th, 2018. If you are ready to make 
a bigger difference in the lives of women, girls and those you serve, or just the 
ones you love in your everyday life, including yourself  then JOIN US. 
We'd love to add Self Love Super Power to your sacred work!  

Questions? Reach out to Lea Guthrie, Program Director at

Stop self-bullying & negative self-talk.
 Strengthen self-compassion, self-trust, self-empowerment & intuition.
 Give women & girls the power to discern between their two inner forces 

- their "Inner Mean Girl" & their "Inner Wisdom" so they can stop making sabotaging choices in work, relationships, money and health & start making supportive, 
self-loving choices that honor who they are & what they need.

Based on internationally acclaimed Reform Your Inner Mean Girl programs that have helped thousands of women & girls work with the two inner forces within - the 'inner mean girl' + 'the inner wisdom' -  you’ll become more skillful at guiding others to access, understand and create a relationship with these parts of themselves. 

Understanding the 13 specific kinds of inner critics and internal sabotaging forces that develop in women and girls, you'll be armed with a language that spans ages + backgrounds and opens up the space for girls and women to express and know themselves more deeply. 

You'll receive 'super power tools' for transforming negative self-talk, stopping self sabotaging habits and tapping into the inner wisdom. You'll be able to teach, coach, guide and lead others - individually and in groups - to:

  • make better choices in relationships, career, health, money, and more, transform negative thinking
  • motivate themselves through compassion vs. criticism
  •  trust themselves more 
  • connect to their inner wisdom
  • transform comparison, perfectionism, body hate, anxiety, self induced stress, over-eating
  • transform fear, shame and blame into self love and wise action 
  •  accept the parts of themselves that are hardest to love

We'd Love  to Have You With us 
for the 2018 Fall Session

 "Reforming Inner Mean Girls and 
Empowering Our Inner Wisdom"   

Read and Register Below

We  Start Sept 25th. Enrollment closes Sept 24th.

Module 1: 
Reforming Inner Mean Girls and Empowering Our Inner Wisdom


Learn to turn negative self-talk + self-sacrificing habits
into self-compassionate, self-empowering action


The full Path of Self Love Training includes all 3 modules 
which together constitute a complete body of self-love technology 
and gives you the tools, processes, language, and structure 
to create transformational paths, programs, workshops, and circles 
for individuals or groups.

Details on Full Path of Self Love

 Enrollment Below

PLUS You'll Receive 
Additional Support, Mentoring, Community + Training  for 
full Path of Self Love Students Only

You will receive everything included in each module - the tools, technology, teachings, assessments, online community,  AND we'll support you personally & professionally with  additional mentoring + trainings. 

Valued at $2400, included in your 
Path of Self Love program, including:

Special Trainings to Support You Both Personally and Professionally

Those who practice what they teach are the most powerful + magnetic guides, because people can FEEL the wisdom and teachings in you. Those who expand their skills to hold space for others, and expand their capacity to receive, can serve more people in ways that sustain instead of drain you. 

When your work includes helping others, it's essential you set yourself up to do it in ways that support not sacrifice you.   

You'll receive access to 4 super-powered trainings you can do from home that will support you to make your work more powerful + help ensure what you give and receive are in balance, including:

  • Year End Power Pause Reflection Ritual (Dec) – reflect on your personal + professional accomplishment so you feel good about what you did in 2018 + and are clear and restored to begin the new year. (value $200)  

  • 2019 VISIONING - Vision Your Sacred Work and Life for 2019  the Feminine Way (Jan) – a powerful 4-stage visioning journey you'll take with Christine and the other full path of self love guides to set yourself up for a year that focuses on what matters and supports you (value $333)

  • Leading Powerful Circles (Feb) - receive training on how to more powerfully hold circles that create connection + transformation, including special self love circle outlines you can use for your self love events in February. (value $200)
  • Opening Your Heart to Receiving Money & Expanding Your Imprint Serving Self Love   - when you do good work for others, often you can sacrifice your needs on the material plane. We've invited special guests who specialize in expanding the 'wealth quotients' to work with you, so you can receive more prosperity and reach more people. (value $200)

PLUS Eligibility to Apply to  the Path of Self Love Advanced TransformationalTraining to 
become a Certified Self Love Guide.

  • Listing + Referrals as a Certified Self Love Guide in your area of geography + expertise on the international movement of self-love website.

  • Listing + Promotion of your Self Love Day February in-person events on the Choose Self Love website + Social Media networks.

  • Co-Leading specialized workshops and programs with The Path of Self Love School - focused on your expertise, marketed through our global platform 

  • Advanced Training   in Holding Circles and Creating Programs the feminine way

  • Opportunity to co-teach classes, staff workshops and guest blog and write 

PLUS Access to Self Love Online Programs + Self Love Goodies

  • Love Club Membership  - our school's monthly self-love practices (value $450)

  • Access to the  40-day self-love practices (value $290)

  • Self Love Journal to begin your journey

  • Wholesale prices on self love books, necklaces, heart art, postcards, stickers for your events   


We personally talk with all of those  
so we can make sure the  program is a good fit.

The next steps are :




1. Complete the application
2. We'll reach out to set up a time to talk
3. Decide if this is a good fit for you now
4. Training starts September 25, 2018 - enrollment closes Sept 24th.

People tell us that just filling out the application provides such clarity for them.

Once we receive you're application, we'll schedule a time to talk!

Apply for the Full Path of Self Love Training Here

"It's the best course to get the knowledge and skills to bring more self-love into your life and those around you."  

Andrea Kehrli, Teacher, Artist, Gossau Zurich, Switzerland

Taking the Path of Self Love Training has transformed me, my business, and my life. 

This was the Best investment ever!

Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, Integrated Nutrition Practioner, Montreal Canda

"The Path of Self Love has altered my life profoundly.  I have been given an incredible amount of support from Christine and the team, as well as from the other women who have chosen to invest in themselves in this way.  I have been given a rich vocabulary, practices, and a full toolkit of strategies and tips to step into the world and say, "Hello, World, I am here!" 

The Medicine of Self Love is REAL and is desperately needed now, more than ever.  I am learning so much about how to love me just as I am and how to sustainably shine that light of love upon others.  I am thrilled to be in this training to be a Self Love Guide!"

- Juliet Kapsis, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Coach, Conneticut

Tested to work across all ages + backgrounds - with girls as young as 6, from professional women to women in prison, in 1:1 sessions, group circles, half-day workshops and weekend retreats with powerful results.  

ONE: Reveal, Feel and Heal the Inner Mean Girl

Work with the inner critic in powerful, simple and fun ways that brings it to life so women + girls can OBSERVE, UNDERSTAND and SEE this inner force (that is usually unconscious)  at a heart, mind and body level AND become empowered to change their thoughts, actions and feelings because they know how to transform the fear and tap into their Inner Wisdom. 

You'll have language, tools, processes, and more to:

  1. Assess what kind of Inner Critic a woman or girl has, so she can see how it is showing up and sabotaging her personal dreams, goals and well-being  (there are 13 inner critics specific to women and girls, including the Comparison Queen,  Worrywart, & Achievement Junkie).

  2. Guide others to develop a relationship with their inner critic so they understand the motives behind the harsh inner voices and love their inner critic in a deeply personal and profound way -  they will become an observer instead of victim to it by learning what triggers her, what her fears are, and where she came from.

  3. Bring the inner critic to life so it becomes a tangible force that can be transformed  When this becomes a tangible, separate entity you can observe and talk to (and even laugh at)... big breakthroughs happen + women and girls become self-empowered to make better choices for themselves and feel more confident and good about themselves.

  4. Teach and use tools to transform negative self-talk in minutes and transform confusion & criticism into calm & clarity.

  5. Strengthen the inner tools of self-compassion + self acceptance for motivation instead of using pressure + judgment - prescribe simple daily practices and other tools  to choose gentleness over harshness, patience over pressure, and understanding over judgment. 

TWO: Transform Self-Sabotaging Habits into 
 New Self-Supportive Ways of Living, Working, and Being 

THREE:  Strengthen the Connection and Trust in the Inner Wisdom so People Can Access their Truth and Make the Best Choices 

The inner critic will never give up its job unless it believes the other inner force can handle the job. 

But when this wise inner force becomes strong, and girls and women begin to trust it - even when it goes against conventional wisdom or peer pressure - they begin making choices in their relationships, studies, careers, bodies, health, money and more that align with what they need and who they are.  They empower themselves to follow their truth, no matter what. 

Through this training, you'll gain more mastery, skill and tools to:  

  1. Connect people to their inner wisdom by teaching them the different ways in which it 'speaks' through the body and emotions and how that differs from the inner critic so they can tell when it's their inner wisdom speaking vs their fear.  

  2. Teach and assess what type of intuition people are strongest and weakest in so they can develop more trust in their Inner Wisdom + gain empowerment to follow its guidance. 

  3. Transform and clear fear when it shows upTeach others how to quiet ther inner critic in 10 minutes or less so they can "hear" their inner wisdom over the voice of their inner critic.

  4. Share practices and super power tools for developing a stronger connection to the Inner Wisdom on a daily and weekly basis. 

Self-Awareness & Honesty,
 Self-Acceptance, Self-Care,
 Self-Compassion & Forgiveness,
 Self-Expression, Self-Esteem,
 Self-Empowerment, Self-Pleasure,
 Self-Respect & Self-Honor, Self-Trust
 Plus the Roots of Self-Love... Self-Worth

The question is not “Do I love myself?” It’s not a Yes/No answer. 
There are ways we are each strong and weak in self-love. 

The key is identifying where one is weak and then providing support to grow those areas, while continuing to cultivate what is already strong. 

  • Assess where people are strong & weak in self-love using two self-love assessments that have been tested and validated (use these with individuals to help you focus your work together or use with groups to create more personal awareness and connection).
  • Articulate and explain what self-love is, what it isn’t and why it can be so hard. Most people know the self-love acts to take, they just can't give themselves permission to take action (you'll have language and context that frees people to choose love for themselves without feeling guilty). 
  • Understand and have language to articulate the difference between the 10 kinds of self-love - so you can help others expand their understanding of self-love, build on their strengths, and focus attention on their weaknesses (makes the journey so much less overwhelming and much more focused and tangible).
  • Prescribe processes, inquiries, adventures and daily practices based on what a person specifically needs (you'll have a full "self-love backpack" with tools we know work). 
  • Use tools in sessions/workshops to deepen with individuals or within groups that are simple, powerful & fun, so you can touch the deep stuff, create the circumstances for breakthroughs to occur, but in ways that are accessible and inspiring... and yes, still potent. 
  • Lead meditations and visualizations based on the different kinds of self-love - which you can use in your circles, retreats, or individual work.
  • Design in-person coaching & transformational programs for groups or individuals that focus on specific needs and desires and that create a path for self-love, with practices people can use in their daily lives.   For example, you can create a 3 month coaching program where each month you focus on one self love branch, OR a 6-week group circle where each week you focus on a branch and have the women or girls do the adventure together with "Me Moment Journaling" in between OR a half-day workshop that teaches the foundation of self-love and focuses on self-care, self-compassion and self-expression OR many other possibilities.  

 Based on the technology from the best-selling book, Madly in Love with ME, the online self-love program that has taught over 1300 people, and the workshops and circles that have been held in over 41 countries... 

You'll receive language, practices, processes, and 'daring adventures of love' you can use to guide others shift from the inside out... empowering them with awareness to what needs strengthening in their self love (vs having to fix themselves) with focused, intentional practices  they do in their daily life.

MODULE #2:  
  The 10 Branches of Self Love

 Assess, Prescribe & Teach How to Cultivate a 
Strong Self Love in Tangible, Simple, Powerful & Ways

What Women Who Experienced the Work Say.... 

And what your beloveds will say after having 'super power tools' 
to guide & support them

What Women Who've Taken  the  Path of Self Love Training   Say ...

about how this training empowered    their sacred work and beloveds, & 
strengthened their presence  and personal self-love and inner wisdom. 

for Reforming Our Inner Mean Girls and Empowering Our Inner Wisdom

 Payment plans as low as $268/month 
or full payment of $1490


Yes! Register Me for Module One Only - Click Here

OR, keep reading to learn more about 

the Full Path of Self Love Training

Reach out to Lea Guthrie our Program Director at 

"My experience in this training has blown me away. My spiritual vocabulary has increased. I believe that if we cannot language a 
thing than we are not fully equipped to transform it. I am so much more informed and able to share this wisdom with others.”

Linda Davenport, working with domestic violence survivors in Chicago 

"I really am enjoying this program. It's the best investment in both myself and my career  that I've ever made.  I'm honored to be a part of the Path of Self Love. 
I feel like I am part of a real community."  - Graduate

Tuition: Payment plans available for as low as $268/month

"This program has really helped me to break down self love and be able to apply each of the 10 kinds to my life and realise which areas need more nourishment and attention. It helped me articulate self love is different ways to the people 
I work with - teens, moms, women and men.  

Kali Bell, New Zealand, EFT Practitioner, Former Grade School Teacher  

The power of creating love art to express & heal the heart is phenomenal. Often what you could spend hours or years talking about - and never healing or getting to the root - can be reached faster & more deeply by simple creative processes even a 7 year old can do.  

Through color, symbol, metaphor and some really fun and simple but potent "HEART ART" processes, you will gain the super power to open up the hearts, minds and lives of the women, girls and brave men you serve without you having to do all the heavy lifting. 

The process of creativity does the work for you. 

Attending this special retreat and workshop gives you access to 4 Heart Art techniques you can use as stand alone workshops or together to create a weekend retreat, or in your circles or 1:1 sessions. They can be used with any age, and have been tested by us to create processes that are easy, accessible and that people love doing.  You will receive the technology to lead others to create: 

Love Jeans

Self Love Affirmation & Mantra Cards

ME Prints - for expressing your essence more powerfully 

Creative Processes for Naming & Claiming  Dreams  & Desires 

Creativity is a wonderful tool and process for your beloveds to engage with your sacred work.  Women are craving creativity, though they don't always know it.  

Our Inner Mean Girls love to tell us we are not "artistic"! This creative process is not about creating masterful works of art (though you will be inspired to embrace more creativity in your life!)  

This is using the creative process as a portal into our heart 
to gain even deeper access to the wisdom within us. 

to transform the negative self-talk and self-doubt 
and to trust their inner wisdom, no matter what 

Receive a special teaching track for those who desire to work with girls - personally for the girls you love and care for, professionally or as a volunteer, including:

  • Tools for working specifically with girls to identify and work with their Inner Mean Girl
  • Tools for transforming self sabotaging habits like comparison, body hate, perfectionism, lashing out, worry
  • Tools for strengthening their Inner Wisdom 
  • Workshop and class outlines for middle school and high school aged girls. 
  • Special Teaching Sessions with Expert Faculty who've been working with girls for 20+ years - including "How Girls Learn: Creating Experiences Girls Love using Play, Theatre and Creativity",  "Transforming Body Hate into Body Love"  and "Creating Safe Spaces for Courageous Conversations and Connection to Get Girls Talking."

What other transformational teachers say about the Path of Self Love methodology and tools created by Christine Arylo 

Our VISION... to make self love so accessible, embraced and taught worldwide so that within 3 generations wcan create a world in which all children are born connected to love and stay connected to love, because they know how to source love from within.

OUR MISSION... to reach 1 billion people with the message and experience of self love -We believe this would change the world, end war, and create a world in which we truly could love each other as we love ourselves, the way it is meant to be. 
We can't do this alone. We each have a part to play, YOU have a part to play. 
Which is why I, Christine,   founded the Path of Self Love School and choose to teach and share this body of self love work and training with others such as yourself.

So you can even more powerfully & visibly guide those you serve (because not only do you have the tools and teachings, you more deeply have and practice self-love within yourself.)

"It's one thing to talk about self-love or share tips, but how do you practically and powerfully guide someone to love themselves? How do you focus? It can feel so vast & esoteric? What are the steps? Where do you start?


Make a bigger difference by learning to more masterfully guide others, 

to love themselves in practical, powerful + fun ways.

Fall training starts September 25th.

“Transformational, empowering & enlightening...this is the best course to get the knowledge and skills to bring more self-love into the lives of those you serve, love and lead, including yourself.” - Graduate of Path of Self Love Training

Whether you are a trained coach, therapist, counselor, facilitator, social worker, teacher, healer, wellness practioner, advocate, manager, hr professional, yogi, artist, leader or trainer working with women and girls, or men and boys... 

OR you desire to work with others as a guide... 

OR you just want to deepen your own self-love...

IF you believe in the power of self-love and want the mastery, tools & skills to teach and guide others individually, in groups, of any age, in a language and way they can receive it (even if you never say SELF LOVE), you are in the right place! 

a note from the founder of The Path of Self  Love School, Christine Arylo,  35,000 students served, 3 best-selling self-love books, 11 years researching and teaching self-love specifically 

MORE ON THE STRUCTURE + DATES + INVESTMENT for the Fall Session - click here

September  25- December 18

February - May


You can take the training in two ways:

BASED on 3-best selling self love books, 
and world-recognized transformational programs that have been taught and tested   with over 35,000 people, on 6 continents, from ages 6-86,  across a spectrum of socio-economic, gender, race, and a spectrum of venues from traditional therapy and recovery, to schools and universities, coaching and wellness, corporate and spiritual centers,  individual and groups... 

WITH INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS (and for yourself!)  

Personal assessments

Transformational processes

Daily practices  and meditations 

Interactive adventures

Coaching inquiries

Proven structures

Workshop and circle outlines

Language and context

Transform Negative Self-Talk

*  Access & Trust  the  Inner Wisdom

* Transform Toxic Habits Like Comparison, Perfectionism, Body Hate, Overgiving ,  Overworking

* Make Compassionate & Confident Choices

* Transform Self Doubt, Anxiety & Self Sacrifice 

* Become Self Aware of the Two-Forces Within, Voice of Fear and Voice of Loving Truth

* Assess where the Self Love Foundation is weak and strong

* Articulate and teach the 10 different kind of self love 

* Go beyond self esteem – teach self-compassion, self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-respect.

* Prescribe daily practices, exercises and meditations 

* Lead others to stay true to themselves

* Reveal the heart and soul desires of a person and support them to get their lives into alignment with the true Self 

* Cultivate Sovereignty

* Reveal and Heal Love Cracks

* Transform Sabotaging Relationship Imprints

* Set Boundaries and Expectations in Relationships

* Open the Heart to Receive More Healthy Love

* Create Multiple Streams of Love

* Promise to Only Have Loving, Respectful Relationships that Support You

1.  Take the Modules Individually.   Just take Module 1 now. 

You can take Module 1 and Module 2 as standalone courses. And you can take Module 3 as long as you have taken either Module 1 or 2.  Each module is only taught one time per year. Upon completion, you receive a Certificate of Completion and access to and permission to use our assessments, workshop flows, tools, worksheets and more. You can begin using the tools immediately in your work, as well as for yourself. 


2. Take the Full Path of Self Love Training - take all 3 modules + receive additional support, mentorship and training 

As a Self Love School, we support our full Path of Self Love Guides-in-Training to grow their work and presence within a community - with 1:1 mentorship sessions throughout the training, visioning sessions for your work and life in January, self love circle training in February with circle flows, and a community of other daring souls doing good work.  Plus you'll be eligible to apply for Certification as a Self Love Guide - and become part of our teacher community, offering your gifts through programs, initiatives and projects

Through our testing and teaching these tools and methodology over the past decade , what we've seen is: 

Because of its simplicity, tangibility and playfulness, 
the work gets to the ROOTS vs. just trying to treat the symptoms... 
so people  have profound internal shifts that empower them to make different choices in all areas of their lives - career, relationship, finances, body, health, creativity, spirituality .

"People may not come to you specifically looking for "Self Love" but a lack of self love is at the root of every challenge.   When you have  the  self love tools, whether you ever use the words 'love yourself' or not, your work and guidance will be more powerful, the transformation   more lasting, and the results   

And best of all,  you don't have to spend 10 years talking about it. The accessible and playful approach opens people up in a ways they never expected."  

How to Learn More & See if This Training is Right For You...

Our Fall Session starts September 25th with our 
"Reforming Inner Mean Girls & Self Sabotage. Empowering Our Inner Wisdom"
designed specifically for working with women and girls, 
and how these two forces work within them.

What you'll find below is specifics on:

1.  What Module 1 is all about - and how to register 

2. Taking the Full  Path of Self Love Training

3.  Who the training is for

4. The Path of Self Love School - who we are and what we do

We invite you to read this invitation, and then... 

* You can register directly for the fall session  here (enrollment closes Sept 24th)

* You can apply for the full training, and we'll set up a conversation to talk with our Program Director, Lea Guthrie so we can learn more about you!

Or if you have questions, you can contact us at

Learn about Module 1: Reforming Inner Mean Girls. Empowering Inner Wisdom.Learn about the Full Path of Self Love Training

Or Just Keep Reading ...  

We're Glad You Are Here!

  • Already work with people in the realm of self-love and you want to become masterful and expand your toolkit with processes and tools already proven and tested to work. 
  • Help others with the challenges they face or desires they have - in their relationships, money, career, body, health, business, burnout, depression, eating disorders, stress, studies, etc. While they may not come to you for self-love, you know what is at the root is a lack of self-love.
  • Would love to weave self-love into the teachings or modalities you already use in your practice, workshops or retreats in powerful, accessible & fun ways. 
  • Would love to bring self-love to communities & organizations you work in, serve & care about.
  • Would like more proven, practical and powerful tools you can use to confidently, clearly and specifically guide others in self-love and use yourself - such as assessments, exercises, daily practices, visualizations, processes that are both powerful, inspiring, playful and potent.
  • Desire to deepen your self-love for yourself so you can embody the language & tools and talk about it with your beloveds - children, family, community, clients - in ways that they can understand and receive it.

Who is this Training for? 

  • Create the lives their hearts and souls desire even it if goes against conventional wisdom or means making a big shift  - because they  stop settling in relationships, careers and money and they gain the courage to start going for their dreams.

  • Transform sabotaging choices in relationships, money, food, health & career in ways they never could before teach women or girls how to motivate herself with self compassion, care and acceptance instead of shame, judgment, criticism, guilt, obligation or comparison, and become empowered to make self-loving choices that stick and support her to get what she needs and live her best life.    

  • Gain the courage to transform or even end unsupportive relationships  romantic, friendship, family + community  - and create an abundance of loving, respectful relationships that support them to thrive. 

  • Have major breakthroughs in self-care that stick. Provide simple but mighty tools that transform the patterns of burnout, exhaustion and self-sacrifice because finally they can deeply commit to  care for themselves like a best friend using simple practices to stay on track.  

  • Turn down the negative self-talk and turn up the volume on the  supportive self-loving inner wisdom.    

  • Develop deep levels of self trust + self empowerment so they can follow their own inner wisdom and make the best choices even in the face of doubt, fear, worry, self pressure or peer pressure - this alone can change a woman or girl's life forever.  

  • Uncover how they give their power away + teach them how to take their power back in relationships, work, money + health, so they show up in their fullest and most true expression without holding back.

PLUS you can weave all of this into the work you are already doing, or desiring to do, with others.  For example:

  • Leading individuals through 3-6 month transformational experiences that are unique to what they need, with focused intentions, so they aren't just showing up for another class or session. You'll have a 'path' you walk together that makes it easier to see and feel the progress, and focus in the most potent places.
  • Weaving self-love into your specific work even if you never use the words 'self love' - you'll have tools you can modify to make self-love accessible and your work more powerful.
  • Leading groups - in-person circles, classes, workshops, retreats - for women, girls, teens or co-ed - as one time workshops, on-going circles, 4-6-week programs and more. You can use the outlines we've developed or weave it into your own classes and teachings.

Attending the Inner Mean Girl Reform School weekend workshop changed my life forever. It was the catalyst  for me going from an overworked perfectionist, with no time for romance, and a job that was killing me, to a woman who takes care of herself, faces her fears, loves her body in the shape it is and is creating a life aligned with who I really am, including quitting my job, taking a sabbatical and redefining who I am and how I want to serve through my work.

 My Inner Mean Girl still occasionally rears her ugly  head, but  I know how to transform her negative talk into what it is I really need.  

Mary M., former government director, currently on global sabbatical. Reformed her Inner Mean Girls: The Perfectionist, The Rejection Queen, and The Comparison Queen. Also currently in Path of Self Love Training & Certificate Program. 

Revealing + Transforming My Inner Mean Girl Changed My Life

At last I finally KNOW WHEN the B.S. of my Inner Mean Girl thoughts are coming up and I now have the tools to change in the moment and get back to my Inner Wisdom.  

I now have a structure, language and self-understanding that supports me to go after and live my highest calling and dreams, even when I am scared or uncertain!

Gayle M., corporate executive, certified coach, mother.  Reformed her Inner Mean Girls: The Worry Wart, The Rejection Queen, and The Doing Addict.

People say the playfulness + simplicity of the approach PLUS the focus specifically on how this shows up in women and girls, takes them into deeper self-awareness & transformation than years of therapy – it cuts straight to the heart & provides an entirely new language and understanding.

Comparison * Perfectionism * Procrastination* Setting unrealistic expectations * Gossip * Isolating *   Lashing Out * Body Hate * Overworking * Overgiving
 * Worrying * Future Tripping * Blame   

You'll receive the training to assess, coach & teach others how to transform toxic, self-sabotaging habits into self-supportive choices (there are 33 for women and 21 for girls).

When you can articulate a pattern or habit in a way people can see it in their daily lives, you can guide them to make different choices in real ways that stick. 

You'll learn the 4-steps a person goes through internally to shift behavior externally, and learn the root cause + most effective antidotes and daily practices you can prescribe to people for curing (or at least lessening) toxic habits  that are keeping them stuck  and derailing them from creating the careers, relationships, health, wellness, financial stability , and happiness they desire.

Over the course of 13-weeks, you'll receive live (and recorded) teaching transmissions + small group & peer to peer practice + an online community and library + written handbooks with tools, processes and templates +  support from a certified Self Love Guide.

 You will gain more mastery + skills to do things like:

I am so much stronger at guiding others to work with their Inner Critic & Inner Wisdom + so much more self-aware of my own toxic habits - I am consciously making shift happen. 

For my Sacred Work: "Inner critics have been one of the most common topics that I help my clients with. This first module helped me deepen my relationship with my Inner Wisdom so I am so much stronger guiding others to work with their two inner forces.  It's an ongoing process to continue cultivating my self-trust and now I have access to a system that works.  

For My Self-Love: "I have become much more aware of my Inner Mean Girl triggers, and I now more deeply understand the reasons behind my toxic habits. I am now consciously shifting my toxic habits with daily love mantras and the other tools and it's working!"

-Jen Yang, Taiwan, Coach and Consultant working with high-achieving, professional women trying to juggle it all . Using this work to teach MBA students at University in Taiwan. 

I can see the women and girls I work with blossom and begin to make better choices and move confidently through their life decisions + I feel more confident in myself as a woman. 

For My Sacred Work: The Path of Self Love technology helps to remind my clients that they have wisdom and truth inside of them. use this technology with my clients in so many ways. Sometimes I use it subtly by interjecting bits when they feel stuck during a  session. Sometimes I use the technology as a stand alone to get into some deep work and we'll also get playful and complete a Love Mantra. It means so much to them to refocus their fears, anxiety and a sense that they cannot choose their own direction. 

For My Self Love: I now have a framework to understand and work with the parts of myself that I learned to hate. I can tune in and refocus in minutes. 

-Chanel Bayless, Ohio, Advocate and Advisor for mothers with special needs children 

It takes a village to raise a child. Let's raise girls who know how to love themselves and trust themselves, together!

Most people teach generally about self-love, this training will give you more mastery & tools to assess, prescribe and guide individuals and groups specifically on whatever areas of self-love you choose to focus on.

By the completion of this module, you'll have more mastery to:

Taking The Full Path of Self Love was so transformative! it's deepened the way I work with my clientsI've personally achieved powerful changes utilizing the tools. It ignited a fire in me to use them, be them, exude them from the inside out, that radiates for others to feel. Had I been armed with this earlier, I could have reduced massive amounts of my struggle. Now, I am so passionate about sharing and teaching this with others.

Andrea Goode, Nebraska, personal trainer + self-empowerment advisor 

MODULE #3:  
Cultivating Sovereignty, Healing Love Cracks, 
Re-Opening the Heart, and Choosing to Only Have Loving, Respectful Relationships

We know that the full path won't be for everyone, 
which is why we have created the training in a module format. 

And... for those that DO KNOW that self love is foundational to their work, 
we want to be here to support you, lift you up, elevate you, 
give you everything we can to help you be successful in your journey... 
so you can start seeing the shifts inside yourself + the people you serve right away.    

Below are:

1.  Descriptions on the other 2 modules you'll be trained in 

2.  Details on the extra support and training 
provided just for full Path of Self Love Guide students.

3. Application to apply for the Full Path of Self Love 
- so we can set up a time to connect, learn about you, and answer your questions

It doesn't do any good to help a person date or find a mate, repair or end a relationship, or create thriving friendships and families, if you do not teach them to create wholeness within and how to work their 'love cracks' to heal and free themselves. 

Too many strong, amazing women, girls, men and boys suffer because they don't have the tools or education on the human heart, love and self-love. We are here to change that for all generations!

  • Path of Self Love Journal delivered to your doorstep!

Accessing, Healing & Freeing the Heart Through the Power of Art

Registration opening soon. 
This Module is optional and may be live-streamed 
for those who cannot attend in person.

All Path of Self Love Students are welcome to attend. Tuition to attend is additional.

*Students who take the Full Path of Self Love Training will receive special tuition savings. 

February 2019  Live Retreat  & Gathering 
Northern California

Some of the Impact You Can Expect  to Have With Those You Serve (and yourself!)

The Full Path of Self Love Program Includes:

The Full Suite of Self Love Technology

Training  September 2018-2019

Details on Schedule, Dates + Flow - Click Here

Full Path of Self Love Tuition :  $3900

Savings of 12%  compared to taking individual modules 

Monthly installments 
as low as   $292/month 


One payment of $3575
Save   20% compared to taking individual modules  

(we will send you complete payment plan options before our interview)

You Receive Support, Tools, Processes, and Assessments as part of each module

  • Live teaching calls receiving  teaching + transmission directly to you
  • Small groups and 1:1 peer practice for deepening with the work
  • Permission to use the teachings, assessments, processes, and tools in your work 
  • Professionally designed assessments, worksheets, handouts and templates you can use 
  • Access to private online site with all videos, audios, handouts, and transcripts
  • Outlines + worksheets for workshops and circles
  • Completion session with your Self Love Guide
  • Certificate of Completion of The Path of Self Love - all 3 technologies + full Path of Self Love 
  • Eligible to apply to the advanced training to become a certified Self Love Guide 

PLUS all of the additional mentoring + training + access valued at $2400. 

Apply for the Full Path of Self Love Training Here

“There’s lots of people doing lots of different things. But there’s no one doing self-love the way that Christine and the Path of Self Love School does.”

  • Tina, University Teacher, UK

The Path of Self Love technology is like discovering hidden puzzle pieces that I’ve been intellectually, spiritually and energetically searching for my entire life.

It fills in the empty spaces. It strengthens my tool box with prescriptions to serve and guide my clients through their own healing process in ways that feel deliciously fulfilling, exhilarating and life-affirming. 

Melanie Foote-Davis, Chicago, Women's Empowerment Coach & Child Advocate

"I thought that I wanted to get this training because it would help me with my work with students, which it has. AND... I can tell you now being in the third module, I have received way more than just learning the tools and how to use them.  

Taking the medicine, experiencing the support from the circle of amazing people, getting to know like-minded and like-hearted people, receiving guidance and mentorship from Lea and Christine has been and continues to be an amazingly transformational journey. "

- Joy, Hawaii, College  Counselor and Advisor  

“I was talking about and teaching self love but I wasn’t fully embodying loving myself until I found The Path of Self Love.   Something in me has always just wanted to help other women, but the truth was I wasn't doing anything to take care of me physically mentally  and spiritually. 

Now I have a methodology, language and practices for myself, my clients and to use in the work I do in the schools with kids. I am a stronger coach, mother, friend and ME!  

- Ta’lor, Pennsylvania  Masters of Social Work, Self Love Coach 

“This self love methodology is so powerful and accessible that I can bring it 
into my professional work organization and into 
my private work with women one-on-one.”  

-Cheryl, Human Resources and Women’s Coach and Consultant

We designed this program for a  spectrum of professionals and people, including if you:

We have therapists, counselors and Phds who've been in their profession for over twenty years experience profound personal breakthroughs and say the  tools have transformed their practice.  People who say they thought they knew what self love was - they teach it and talk about it - but until they took this training, they didn't embody or fully understand it.  

This is because we don't just talk about loving yourself. We have a 'technology" - a set of language, tools, practices, assessments - that gets to the heart, 
where love and true healing and freeing lives.

More than just another training or certificate program, you are invited to be part of making a difference in the lives of women and children
and men around the world, through the medicine + power of self-love.

  • Founded the international day of Self Love on Feb 13th (creating a beacon of self-love awareness during a month formerly all about romantic love from another)

  • Sponsored and held over 2000 self-love events + circles in 41 countries 

  • Brought self-love programs to women's prisons, inner city charter schools, non-profits such as Girls Inc, sororities, high schools and more.

  • Helped to change the hashtag #selflove to one that reflects what self-love really is (two years ago it was all about sexual acts)

  • Submitted papers of research to psychological journals and texts who currently define self-love as narcissism.

  • Created and validated assessments that measure the strength + weakness of self-love 
Together, we can elevate the consciousness of this planet through the power of self-love, and it starts one heart at a time. First with yours. Then with every being you touch. 


In the past 10 years, as a global self-love movement and school we have:

Guide others more powerfully and masterfully to: