Our intention is to reach 1 billion people with the message and experience of self love - to make self love so accessible, embraced and taught that within 3 generations we can create a world in which all children are born connected to love and stay connected to love for their entire lives. We believe this would change the world, end war, and create a world in which we truly could love each other as we love ourselves, the way it is meant to be.
We can't do this alone. We each have a part to play, YOU have a part to play. Which is why I am sharing this body of self love work and training with others such as yourself so you can even more powerfully & visibly guide those you serve (because not only do you have the tools and teachings, you more deeply have and practice self-love within yourself.)
In the past 10 years, as a global self-love movement we have:
  • Founded the international day of Self Love on Feb 13th (creating a beacon of self-love awareness during a month formerly all about romantic love from another)
  • Sponsored and held over 2000 self-love events + circles in 41 countries
  • Brought self-love programs to women's prisons, inner city charter schools, non-profits such as Girls Inc, sororities, high schools and more.
  • Helped to change the hashtag #selflove to one that reflects what self-love really is (two years ago it was all about sexual acts)
  • Submitted papers of research to psychological journals and texts who currently define self-love as narcissism.
  • Created and validated assessments that measure the strength + weakness of self-love 
Together, we can elevate the consciousness of this planet through the power of self-love, and it starts one heart at a time.
First with yours. Then with every being you touch. 


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Throughout this training, you'll receive The Path of Self Love" Technology" including all the techniques, tools, processes and skills one uses to guide, coach, assess, teach, and prescribe self-love to girls in practical, tangible, potent (and fun!) ways that empower girls and women to make self-loving choices in everything in their lives. 

We've tested this technology with over 35,000 women and girls across age, race, and socio-economic background. And what we've found is that because of its simplicity, tangibility and playfulness, the work gets to the ROOTS versus just trying to treat the symptoms... so girls and women can have profound internal shifts that empower them to make different choices. There are so many results we've witnessed as a result of this work.


Personal assessments

Transformational processes

Daily practices 

Interactive adventures

Heart-based inquiries

Proven structures

Language and context

Based on the world-recognized "Inner Mean Girl Reform School" process co-created by Christine Arylo
& Amy Ahlers that has helped over 30,000 people.

Reforming Our Inner Mean Girls and Empowering Our Inner Wisdom

 Starts September 26th, 2017

This is the only time this module will be offered until Fall 2018. So if you are considering, join now! 

Monthly Payments of $299 for 5 months
Or $1390 full payment 


Your registration includes:
  • 13 weeks of training with Christine Arylo, with weekly sessions you attend via video or audio
  • Live teaching calls with Christine directly teaching + transmitting to you
  • Small peer to peer group circles for deepening with the work led by a Self Love Guide 
  • Large group circles for deepening the teachings with Christine 
  • Permission to use the teachings, assessments, processes, and tools  
  • Access to private online site with all videos, audios, handouts, and transcripts
  • 1:1 Personal Mentoring + Completion session with a Self Love Guide and additional sessions available if you desire 
  • Certificate of Completion of the Path of Self Love Training on Reforming Our Inner Mean Girls and Empowering Our Inner Wisdom (upon completion of requirements)
  • Templates, worksheets, and assessments you can use with 1:1 sessions, workshops, circles, retreats, programs - professionally designed so you and the material shine! (received upon completion of Certificate requirements) 
  • Outlines and Worksheets for workshops and circles you can start doing right away in your communities (received post Certificate requirements). 
  • Develop  deep levels of self trust + self empowerment so they can follow their  own inner wisdom and make the best choices even in the face of doubt,  fear, worry, self pressure or peer pressure - this alone can change a girl's and women's life forever. 

  • Transform sabotaging choices in ways they never could before  - teach girls and women how to motivate themselves with self compassion, self care and self acceptance instead of shame, judgment, criticism, guilt, obligation or comparison, and become empowered to make self-loving choices that stick and support them to get what they needs and live their best life.
  • Turn down the negative self-talk and turn up the volume on the  supportive self-loving inner wisdom. 

  •  Expand their access and trust in their Inner Wisdom – learn how our Inner Wisdom talks with us and teach girls and women how to start receiving more guidance from within.

  • Bring their inner critic to life so it becomes a tangible force that can be transformed – When this becomes a tangible, separate entity you can observe and talk  to (and even laugh at)... big breakthroughs happen + girls and women become  self-empowered to make better choices for themselves and feel more  confident and good about themselves. 

About the International Movement of Self Love

What other transformational teachers say about the self-love technology
Christine Arylo teaches and offers 

There's much work out there about how to navigate the inner dialogue, but I've witnessed thousands of lives transformed as a result of the processes Christine Arylo has created.
- Shiloh Sophia McCloud, founder of the Intentional Creativity Movement + Color of Woman School

"Christine Arylo has created an 'illuminated path of self-love' that shows you exactly how to love yourself"
- SARK, artist, teacher, best-selling author of 13 books including Succulent Wild Woman  

"Christine Arylo makes loving yourself not only possible, but fun."
Marci Shimoff - NY Times best-selling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Join Us for our Fall 2017 Session - Register for REFORMING OUR INNER MEAN GIRLS AND EMPOWERING OUR INNER WISDOM - click hereLearn About the Full Path of Self-Love Training - click here

We start our next Training on September 26th, 2017. If you are ready to make a bigger difference in the lives of girls in your everyday life... then JOIN US. We'd love to add Self Love Super Power to your sacred work!  

Questions? Reach out to Lea Guthrie, Program Director at Lea@PathofSelfLove.org

Stop self-bullying & negative self-talk.
 Strengthen self-compassion, self-trust, self-empowerment & intuition.
 Give girls the power to discern between their two inner forces - their "Inner Mean Girl" & their "Inner Wisdom" so they can stop making sabotaging choices & start making supportive self-loving choices that honor who they are & what they need.

Details on enrollment for the special track just for teaching and working with girls + for the full training 


You will become masterful 
at guiding girls & women to...




PROGRAM SPECIFICS: Reforming Our Inner Mean Girls and Empowering Our Inner Wisdom

Learn to turn negative self-talk + self-sacrificing habits
into self-compassionate, self-empowering action


"An intelligent, fun, creative & hands-on spiritual journey where one can celebrate self exploration of love and true sisterhood"

Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

"The Path of Self Love has altered my life profoundly.  I have been given an incredible amount of support from Christine and her team, as well as from the other women who have chosen to invest in themselves in this way.  I have been given a rich vocabulary, practices, and a full toolkit of strategies and tips to step into the world and say, "Hello, World, I am here!" The Medicine of Self Love is REAL and is desperately needed now, more than ever.  I am learning so much about how to love me just as I am and how to sustainably shine that light of love upon others.  I am thrilled to be in this training to be a Self Love Guide!"

- Juliet Kapsis, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Coach, Conneticut

Over the course of 13-weeks, taught personally by Christine Arylo, supported through live (and recorded) teaching transmissions with Christine, small group & peer to peer practice, an online studio, & personal mentorship with a certified Self Love Guide, you will gain more mastery + skills to do things like:

ONE: REVEAL, FEEL, DEAL & HEAL THE INNER MEAN GIRL. Work with the inner critic in powerful, simple and fun ways that brings it to life so girls can work with it new ways and become empowered to change their thoughts, actions and feelings. You'll have language, tools, processes, and more to:

  • Assess what kind of Inner Critic a girl has, so she can see how it is showing up and sabotaging her personal dreams, goals and well-being  (there are 13 inner critics for girls and women, including the Comparison Queen,  Worrywart, & Achievement Junkie).
  • Guide girls and women to develop a relationship with their inner critic so they understand the motives behind the harsh inner voices and love their inner critic in a deeply personal and profound way -  they will become an observer instead of victim to it by learning what triggers her, what her fears are, and where she came from.
  • Teach and use tools to transform negative self-talk in minutes and transform confusion & criticism into calm & clarity.
  • Strengthen the inner tools of self-compassion + self acceptance for motivation instead of using pressure + judgment - prescribe simple daily practices and other tools  to choose gentleness over harshness, patience over pressure, and understanding over judgment


TWO: TRANSFORM SELF SABOTAGING HABITS INTO NEW SELF SUPPORTIVE WAYS OF LIVING, WORKING + BEING. You'll receive the training to assess, coach & teach girls and women how to transform toxic, self-sabotaging habits into self-supportive choices (there are 30 major toxic habits for girls and women).  When you can articulate a pattern or habit in a way girls can see it in their daily lives, you can guide them to make different choices in real ways that stick. You'll learn the 4-steps a girl and women goes through internally to shift behavior externally, and learn the root cause + most effective antidotes and daily practices you can prescribe to girls and women for curing (or at least lessening) toxic habits such as:

Comparison * Perfectionism * Procrastination* Setting unrealistic expectations * Gossip * Isolating * Lashing Out* Body hate * Overworking, * Overgiving * Worrying * Future Tripping  


THREE:  STRENGTHEN THE CONNECTION + TRUST IN THE INNER WISDOM SO GIRLS and WOMEN CAN ACCESS THEIR TRUTH + MAKE THE BEST CHOICES. The inner critic will never give up its job unless it believes this other inner force can handle the job. But when this wise inner force becomes strong, and girls and women begin to trust it - even when it goes against conventional wisdom or peer pressure - they begin making choices in their lives that align with what they need and who they are. They empower themselves to follow their truth, no matter what. You'll gain more mastery, skill and tools to:  

  • Connect girls and women to their inner wisdom by teaching them the different ways in which it 'speaks' through the body and emotions - and how that differs from the inner critic so they can tell when it's their inner wisdom speaking vs their fear.  
  • Teach and assess what type of intuition girls and women are strongest and weakest in so they can develop more trust in their Inner Wisdom + gain empowerment to follow its guidance. 
  • Transform and clear fear when it shows up. Teach girls and women how to quiet their inner critic in 10 minutes or less so they can "hear" their inner wisdom over the voice of their inner critic.
  • Share practices and super power tools for developing a stronger connection to the Inner Wisdom on a daily and weekly basis. 

Attending the Inner Mean Girl Reform School weekend workshop changed my life forever. It was the catalyst for me going from an overworked perfectionist, with no time for romance, and a job that was killing me, to a woman who takes care of herself, faces her fears, loves her body in the shape it is and is creating a life aligned with who I really am, including quitting my job, taking a sabbatical and redefining who I am and how I want to serve through my work. My Inner Mean Girl still occasionally rears her ugly  head, but at a fraction of her former vileness. I know how to transform her negative talk into what it is I really need.  

Mary M., former government director, currently on global sabbatical. Reformed her Inner Mean Girls: The Perfectionist, The Rejection Queen, and The Comparison Queen. Also currently in Path of Self Love Training & Certificate Program. 

Revealing + Transforming My Inner Mean Girl Changed My Life 

At last I finally KNOW WHEN the B.S. of my Inner Mean Girl thoughts are coming up and I now have the tools to change in the moment and get back to my Inner Wisdom.  

I now have a structure, language and self-understanding that supports me to go after and live my highest calling and dreams, even when I am scared or uncertain!

Gayle M., corporate executive, certified coach, mother.  Reformed her Inner Mean Girls: The Worry Wart, The Rejection Queen, and The Doing Addict.

What Women Who Experienced the Work Have to Say.... 

What Women Who  Have Taken this Module of the  Path of Self Love Training Say - about how this training empowered both their sacred work + their inner self-love work 

I am so much stronger at guiding others to work with their Inner Critic & Inner Wisdom + so much more self-aware of my own toxic habits - I am consciously making shift happen. For my Sacred Work: "Inner critics have been one of the most common topics that I help my clients with. This first module helped me deepen my relationship with my Inner Wisdom so I am so much stronger guiding others to work with their two inner forces.  It's an ongoing process to continue cultivating my self-trust and now I have access to a system that works.  For My Self-Love: "I have become much more aware of my Inner Mean Girl triggers, and I now more deeply understand the reasons behind my toxic habits. I am now consciously shifting my toxic habits with daily love mantras and the other tools and it's working!"

-Jen Yang, Taiwan, Coach and Consultant working with high-achieving, professional women trying to juggle it all 


Register today:  $299/month over 5 months or $1390 one-pay

Upon making your initial payment, you'll receive registration confirmation from us + a personal reach out + the next steps to prepare for our powerful (and fun) adventure together this September through December.

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for Reforming Our Inner Mean Girls and Empowering Our Inner Wisdom


Reach out to Lea Guthrie our program director at Lea@PathofSelfLove.org 

"My experience in this training has blown me away.  My spiritual vocabulary has increased. I believe that if we cannot language a thing than we are not fully equipped to transform it. I am so much more informed and able to share this wisdom with others.”

Linda Davenport, working with domestic violence survivors in Chicago 

I can see the women and girls I work with blossom and begin to make better choices and move confidently through their life decisions + I feel more confident in myself as a woman. For my Sacred Work: The Path of Self Love technology helps to remind my clients that they have wisdom and truth inside of them. I use this technology with my clients in so many ways. Sometimes I use it subtly by interjecting bits when they feel stuck during a  session. Sometimes I use the technology as a stand alone to get into some deep work and we'll also get playful and complete a Love Mantra. It means so much to them to refocus their fears, anxiety and a sense that they cannot choose their own direction. . For My Self Love: I now have a framework to understand and work with the parts of myself that I learned to hate. I can tune in and refocus in minutes. 

-Chanel Bayless, Ohio, Advocate and Advisor for women and mothers with special needs children 

"I really am enjoying this program. It's the best investment in both myself and my career that I've ever made.  
I'm honored to be a part of the Path of Self Love. I feel like I am part of a real community."

This program is so powerfully transformative! I have personally achieved some very powerful changes utilizing the tools in this module. It has ignited a fire in me to use them, be them, exude them from the inside out and hopefully that will radiate for others to see. I feel like I could have reduced massive amounts of my own personal suffering had I personally been armed with this information. And now it's deepening the way I work with my clients

Andrea Goode, Nebraska, personal trainer + self-empowerment advisor 

"This program has really helped me to break down self love and be able to apply each branch to my life and realise which areas need more nourishment and attention. I love diving deeper into self-love and it helped me articulate self love is different ways to the people I work with - teens, moms, women and men.  

Kali Bell, New Zealand, EFT Practitioner, Former Grade School Teacher  


As women, we need to live this way ourselves first, practicing self love and following our inner wisdom as a way of life, so our girls have a model to follow. They watch what we do more than what we say.  With self-love embodied in ourselves, we can guide our girls to work with these two inner forces to make the best choices for themselves and have the inner super power to rise above the peer pressure,  social media frenzy, distorted body images and monikers for success that cause the negative self-talk and self-sabotage. We are looking for those women who desire to be part of shifting the reality for women and girls on this planet, and understand it starts from the power, compassion and courage we have from within.  Join us!

Next Path of Self-Love Training Starts September 26th 

Reforming Inner Mean Girls & Empowering Our Inner Wisdom:
 Transforming Negative Self-Talk & Self-Sabotage Within Girls, Guiding 
Them To Trust Their Inner Wisdom, Make Compassionate & Confident Choices, 
and Support 
vs Sacrifice Their Desires And Needs.   

Tested to work across all ages + backgrounds - with girls as young as 6, middle school and high school and college aged young women,  professional women, moms, women in prison, in 1:1 sessions, group circles, half-day workshops and weekend retreats with powerful results.   

  • Become skillful at guiding the girls and women you care about to access, understand and create a relationship with their inner critic and their inner wisdom - so they can tell the difference!
  • Learn language that spans all ages + backgrounds and opens up the space for girls and women to express and know themselves more deeply.
  • Receive 'super power tools' for transforming negative self-talk and self-doubt, stopping self sabotaging  habits like comparison, gossip, body hate, perfectionism, obsessive worry, lashing out, overgiving, and over doing.
  • Teach girls and women how to tap into their inner wisdom with simple techniques that work
People say the playfulness + simplicity of the approach PLUS the focus specifically on how this shows up in girls, takes them into deeper self-awareness & transformation than years of therapy – it cuts straight to the heart & gives girls an entirely new language and understanding. 

A 13 week training  with Christine Arylo + the Path of Self Love 
School, based on the internationally acclaimed Reform Your Inner Mean 
Girl technology that has helped thousands of women & girls work with 
their two inner forces within - the 'inner mean girl' + 'the inner wisdom'.

Click Here Now To Register!

With a Special Teaching Track for Those Who Desire to Use this Self Love Technology 
to Support, Guide and Teach Girls - moms, teachers, non-profit, counselors, advisors, 

group leaders, volunteers and anyone who has the desire to give girls real tools that help them 
stay strong - courageous & compassionate & centered - on the inside no matter what is happening on the outside. 

You'll be able to teach, coach, guide and lead Girls + Women- individually and in groups - to make better choices in their lives, transform negative thinking, motivate themselves through compassion vs. criticism, trust themselves more, connect to their inner wisdom, and love the parts of themselves that are hardest to love.  

More than just another training or certificate, you are invited to be part of making a difference in the lives of women and children around the world, through the medicine + power of self-love.

Founded by Christine Arylo. Fueled by Love Ambassadors globally.

Creating Experiences that Girls Love.
Creating Inner Shift that Sticks for a Lifetime

We've  been testing the self-love technology with girls as young as 5th grade  all the way through high school and we've learned a lot about what works  with girls in grade school and middle school vs high school. How they  experience their inner forces... what keeps them engaged... where the  breakthroughs happen... what their brains and emotions respond to most  to get them to open up to each other... and what makes the tools and  insights shift so they make better choices for themselves for the rest  of their lives. I am thrilled to share this wisdom with you - so the  work you do with girls of any age, or with moms, can be as powerful as  possible.

Guiding Girls + Women to Accept, Nurture, &
Adore Their Body 

I think we all know that the relationship with her body is one of the primary places that women and girls suffer from a lack of self-love. Whether it's a serious eating disorder, to body dysmorphia, to unhealthy diets, to plastic surgery to match an ideal that even super models don't match up to, to allowing their bodies to be disrespected by others and themselves... it's a serious epidemic and it's where the self love technology of the inner mean girl and inner wisdom really packs power.

PLUS - We will be hosting a special Wise Woman Council each month where you can gather with others who are holding space for, teaching and guiding girls to share what's working - parents, advisors, teachers, counselors, guides and more. This community will be part of supporting YOU!

PLUS - We will be bringing on special guest teachers who are experts in working with girls to share how they reach the girls they parent and the girls they serve.

Click Here for Details on the Full Path of Self Love Training

Self Love & Relationship

Cultivating A Strong Self Love Foundation

The 10 Branches of Self Love 

Heart Art for Women and Girls 

Never Settling for Less than Your Heart and Soul Desire

and more...