Take a mid-year "Power Pause" with me at the heart-nourishing,
 soul-strengthening retreat center, Kripalu, July 27-29

Activate Your Intuitive Super Powers  
Feminine Wisdom for Staying True to Yourself

There's no question that we are living in intense and uncertain times, each of us being called to step our of our comfort zones and stretch into new ways of living, leading and succeeding. Whether you are being called to make shifts in your career, work, relationships, home, health, wealth or self, more than ever we need the space, the structure, the sisterhood and the spiritual and physical practices to make sure we are being guided by the highest and clearest wisdom possible... and then we need the courage to follow through on that wisdom to stay true to ourselves, no matter what. 

Using the powerful energy available at this mid-point of the year, this weekend retreat is all about creating the space for you to step out of your day to day life to gain clarity, courage and connection on the path ahead. Bring the choices you are making and facing in your life, this weekend we will:

  • Expand your ACCESS to a deeper level of intuition and divine wisdom - including identifying and learning to strengthen your ability to receive and follow the guidance of your 6 Wisdom Channels. 

  • Get more masterful at discerning between self-sabotaging choices made from fear and self-empowering actions taken from wisdom - so you can identify the subconscious fears that might be trying to keep you safe but are really sabotaging you and keeping you from what you desire, move through them, and find the courage to follow your inner wisdom no matter what.

  • Create a stronger connection and trust in your Divine Guidance System - and apply it to the choices you are making right now in your life.

  • Explore the possibilities for how you could spend your life force and resources the rest of this year, and tap into your inner wisdom to guide you on the path ahead to focus on what truly matters and what is in the 'flow' - I will lead you through a process over the weekend called FLOW (Focus Your Life Force on What Matters) that I use myself always at the mid year point. You'll leave with a "FLOW Power Mandala" that represents where you will focus in your work, relationships and physical and spiritual foundations for the rest of 2018.

  • Support you to lean into the 'soul stretch' you are being called to take in your life and give you simple but mighty practices you can use to transform self-doubt, confusion, and fear into confidence, clarity and courage - including kundalini yoga, feminine super power practices, mantra and meditation and more. 

  • Use the power of the feminine wisdom circle to illuminate wisdom you can't see for yourself - you'll receive reflection, connection and wisdom from the other women at the retreat on whatever you are working with and on in your life. 

The Place: Kripalu
Center for Yoga & Health

Berkshires, MA

Unplug from the mad pace of the outside world so you can slow down and attune to the wisdom of your heart, soul and body. 3-days of you having the space to connect with yourself, your truth, deep wisdom and other courageous women daring to step into the unknown and follow their heart and soul's truth

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Each ticket include 20 speakers, 1000 

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a message from my heart to yours

What’s Included in this Weekend Retreat?

** 3 days with Christine and an amazing group of women in one of the most established yoga and holistic retreat and education centers in North America.

** Instruction and guidance in expanding your access to and mastery of your "intuitive super powers", strengthening your clarity, confidence and courage to receive and follow divine guidance.  We will apply this directly to what you are working with in your life right now, so you go home clearer and wiser and more confident inside yourself.

** Feminine Super Power Practices - including daily practices, Kundalini yoga, mantra, meditation and more - you can use when you return home to clear fear and confusion, tap into the expansive intuitive "Field" to gain guidance and cultivate courage to step into the unknown.  

** A personalized "FLOW power mandala" that clearly reflects where you will focus your life force and resources through the rest of the year to create what matters most - and gain the power to say No to what doesn't. 

** Guidance, teaching, wisdom and love from Christine 

** Feminine Wisdom Circles with other courageous women - to receive reflection, wisdom and intuition 

** Meals and lodging at the Yoga Retreat Center – meals are included in your lodging costs. Meals include Dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday.

What is the investment?

Tuition: $265

Lodging & Meals: Cost starts at $198 for a 2-night stay + meals. The cost varies depending on your room selection. Upon registration for this retreat, you’ll select which room you wish to reserve.

Registration: You will register directly through Kripalu not through Christine Arylo and they will handle all of your logistical needs. 


I have designed this weekend experience so you leave with practical, powerful and simple tools, rituals, & practices you can use in your every day life to access your deepest wisdom, find the courage to step into the unknown, and follow your truth and stay true to yourself, even if it scares you or disappoints another.
We weren't given the tools + wisdom we need as women to meet these times with fiercity and grace, compassion and confidence... so we come to beautiful places like Kripalu at sacred times like near Summer Solstice to turn off the outside world and tap into our inner world. 

It is in the space with ourselves, with other courageous wise women, that we can access truths and possibilities not accessible on our own.  I look forward to being in this powerful space with you, to fuel and focus what matters most for you.

$265 for the Full 3-Day Activate Your Intuitive Super Powers Retreat with Christine + 2-Days Lodging & Food (starting at $198 per night)

When you register, you'll be taken to the Kripalu Yoga & Wellness Center website, where you can register for the retreat + choose your room type. 

And wait this gets even better… we won’t abandon you after the retreat.
Many times after attending one of these heart and spirit opening experiences, you go back into your life, and while you have changed, not everyone else has.  We’ve got your back! You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a community of people dedicated to living a life founded in self-love, feminine power, and fierce grace. We’ll be here to guide you to integrate and support you moving forward using the power of all the self-love and spiritual mojo we created together.
This is an intimate and exclusive retreat so don’t delay, your adventure begins the minute you register. We are looking forward to having a transformative and fun weekend with you.

What Others Experience from Working with Christine Arylo

Christine is a wise, smart, and vibrant teacher who really cares about the people she works with.Great sense of humor. Willing to share personal history. She really knows what she's talking about. 
-  Linda


My life feels much more focused and in control then it did before receiving these teachings. I can't thank Christine enough. 
-  Tabby, Williamsburg


About Christine AryloFrequently Asked Questions
when women gather with intention, shift happens.
together, we have the power to create anything. 
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Gain clarity on where to focus your life force & resources the second half of the year in your work, relationships, health, + wealth. 

Gain the super power + wisdom to Step into the Unknown.
Move beyond your Comfort Zone. Tap into your Courage + Clarity.
Follow the Wisdom of your Heart.

Christine fearlessly guided me to go beyond what I thought was possible to expand my vision of my self and purpose. This process is not for the faint of heart, or for those who just want to paint inside the lines. She’s like a personal trainer for catalyzing spiritual discovery, expansion, and manifestation in people who are ready to accept that possibility and make it real. Christine has guided me to come into my own as a feminine leader and has given me practical tools to create my life from a place of wisdom, grounded intuition and passionate activism.  - Karin Bauer, MBA, Ph.D., Angel Investor and Advisor

When I met Christine, I was torn between the life I knew, and the one I knew was possible, but had no idea how to create on my own. Christine has an uncanny ability to know what was needed during the times when I would resist making the change I wanted to make. Her ability to understand during those critical moments is what helped me make the shift I needed. She provided the right combination of wisdom, kindness and catalytic energy to help me emerge with the life I truly desired. - Claudine Woo, Startup Advisor, Storyteller, Scientist

The way Christine uses her intuition, spiritual connection and divine guidance, and presence is inspiring and amazing. I can always count on her to ZOOM right into the real deeper issue of what’s holding me back or see and reflect back the light and vision in me that I can’t put words on yet. She always holds me and sees me in my greatest potential, which reminds me of WHO I REALLY AM. Christine has taught me about the value and power of the feminine side of leadership and life. I honestly had no idea when I first started working with her that I had repressed that part of me so deeply. Working in corporate America for so long, moving up the ranks and then starting my own business, I only knew one way of succeeding. Now that I have cultivated the feminine side of leading, I work differently, I coach differently and leading is easier and so much more impactful.

- Jen Todd, CEO, Breakthrough Partners Inc. & Founder/Executive Director of the Women of Pokot & Value Girls Globally

What you can access in the presence of other women 
is so much more than you can access on your own.

Christine was loving, supportive and enthusiastic and very real. She was very grounded. And you could tell she really cared about us
-  Annie D. Washington