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The Path of Self Love School Presents: How Children Learn to Love Themselves

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Christine Arylo is the founder of The Path of Self Love School, a transformational teacher, speaker and three time best-selling author. After earning her MBA and climbing the corporate ladder for a decade, she chose to devote her life to helping people transform and architect lives based on self-love and feminine leadership. Christine leads transformational programs, workshops, retreats and talks based on self-love, feminine power and leadership, yogic techniques and earth-based wisdom around the world. She has been a featured speaker at TedX, Emerging Women, Kohler, Gap, Wharton and many other women’s conferences, retreat centers, organizations and companies worldwide. She is also the founder of the international Day of Self-Love, February 13th. 

Stacey Hoffer is a director, teacher and certified self-love guide at The Path of Self-Love School. After earning her Masters in Leadership Development and working in Corporate America as a Training and Change Management Consultant, Stacey received her coaching certification from the International Coaching Academy and founded Soul Alignment Living. Through the Path of Self-Love and her own coaching programs and sacred circles, Stacey has guided hundreds of women to trust their inner wisdom, speak their truth, deepen their self-love, awaken their feminine wisdom, and live in more alignment with their heart and soul. And she has been modeling and teaching her two children how to love themselves for the past 10 years.  

  • The 10 kinds of self-love every child needs to create a strong inner foundation. 

  • How to teach your children to transform negative self-talk - and have the inner strength to say no to peer pressure.

  • Tangible tools to  guide your children to cultivate the courage to follow their inner wisdom and move past their fears of being seen, what other's think, and not doing things perfectly. 

  • How to teach your children inner resilience and self compassion when things don't go according to plan or hard stuff happens.    

  • Best practices for helping your children feel good about themselves and stay true to themselves… no matter what is happening in the outside world.


If you are here, we imagine like many people in our community, you want the children in your life to have confidence, courage, and self-compassion

You want your children to love and respect their bodies and only have loving, respectful relationships.

You want your children to be kind, gentle, 
patient and understanding with themselves, instead of pressuring themselves into perfection, comparing themselves to others, or suffering from negative self-talk.

You want your children to value their gifts, instead of basing their worth on what society or social media says.

And you want to teach all of these things to your children in simple and practical ways... without putting unrealistic pressure on yourself   or going into overwhelm. 

So here's the good news....there are proven tools you can use in your everyday life to guide your children to strengthen these different aspects of self-love one by one.

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Raising Children to Love Themselves. Learn the 6 foundational self-love tools every parent needs to help their children create a strong inner foundation of courage, compassion, clarity, and confidence that empower them to be healthy, resilient, and successful.

Discover how you can arm your children with the practical, tangible tools they can use to build and continually strengthen their self-love foundations—both by modeling the process of making self-loving choices, and by intentionally weaving self-love into conversations with your children in ways that are effective, fun, and simple.

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