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 There is a misunderstanding in our culture
about visioning, dreaming and goals setting. 

A  self-sabotaging approach  rooted in    the go, go , go, work hard, stay busy   culture   we've been trained to operate in.

Big misunderstandings about manifesting,
the law of attraction, and vision boards
that lead to self criticism & stress later in the year.   

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A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Plan & Focus Your Year, The Feminine Way

There is a different way.
One that gives you access to deeper Wisdom that fuels  & focuses your desires personally & professionally    in 2020.

This Wisdom Session was recorded from a live class. 

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How to increase your access to 'Feminine Wisdom' and keep it strong all year, so you feel Productive & Successful, and also Calm, Centered & Spacious throughout 2020...even in times of intensity. 

Join us for this Feminine Wisdom Session where I'll share:

Our intention is that you leave our Wisdom Session  more clear and centered so the intentions, dreams and goals you set lead to a life that is sustainable + supported +
 actually leads to your success + happiness (not just more to do & take care of).

The tools we've been taught in the mainstream world simply don't pack the  power or give us access to the WISDOM we need at this time to illuminate the path ahead.

We all need access to deeper WISDOM, 
and there are real practical ways to tap in. 

This Feminine Wisdom Session: "A Different Way to Dream" will be led by Christine Arylo, transformational leadership advisor, three time best-selling author and Wisdom Teacher. After earning her MBA and working for a decade in the traditional business world, she chose to devote her life to helping people transform and architect lives that were both successful + sustainable, in which their hearts and souls could thrive. Known as a  “modern day mystic,” Arylo leads transformational programs, workshops, retreats and talks based on the feminine power and leadership, yogic techniques and earth-based wisdom around the world. You can tune into her thought provoking insights on her weekly podcast, Feminine Power Time, at She has been a featured speaker at TedX, Emerging Women, Kohler, Gap, Wharton and many other women’s conferences, retreat centers, and organizations and companies worldwide. Connect with her at

In these intense times, where we are each being called to step forward... 
be visible, speak up, do our sacred work in the world... it can all feel so overwhelming. 

We need different ways to vision, plan and  create. 

PLUS! We will do a 2020 Visualization to tap into what your heart & soul really desire for 2020 + 
to gain insight on where to focus in your work, relationships and whole life.


Why using traditional goal-setting, resolution-making, manifesting techniques, and vision boarding can create  more stress,  pressure and self-criticism in 2020 (you don't want to start your year like this).  

The Wisdom Way of using the entire month of January to set the path and foundation for 2020 , so  you can create a reality in which you are both achieving what you truly desire + receiving what you need.  

How to  set yourself up to stay OUT OF OVERWHELM in 2020 and stay FOCUSED on what matters most to you, so you can  grow your work /career/business, nurture your relationships, take care of what and who you love, with sacrificing yourself. 

Poster created by our Sacred Scribe, Katherine Torrini, during a Visioning Session in 2017

A way that gives you....

  • Space.  Releasing the pressure to have your year figured out by Jan 15th. 

  • Insight. Into how to achieve in your work, without sacrificing your relationships or personal wellness. 

  • Focus +  Fluidity. So you operate in the flow vs. pushing, striving, and stretching yourself past capacity.

  • Clarity. On where to focus life force and resources in ways that sustain you - so you put the right amount of energy and time to projects, people and dreams vs. trying to do it all right now.

This is the way we naturally work best as women... when we    stop following the models of success and productivity set up for us, and start following our deep innate feminine wisdom.

This Session is sponsored by The Feminine Wisdom Way - Structure, Wisdom and Sisterhood for Living, Leading & Succeeding the Way Women Naturally Work Best. Starts January 5th! With the 2020 Emerge Visioning Process.  

There is a more natural, free, harmonious way to create and operate your life - it's connected to the rhythm of the earth cycles, tapped into your feminine wisdom, and dialed into your unique soul path. And it's as real as anything you learned in college, work or on the job. In many ways it's more real, and a much better way to live... it's how you create a life that aligns with your heart & soul, in which you are supported on the material and spiritual planes.  

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