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The Art of Sacred Circle 
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We are calling together the women who are called to create new ways for women to gather, connect, explore, and remember just how powerful & wise they truly are. 

Join us for a special Feminine Wisdom Session: "Creating Powerful Circles + Cultivating Sisterhood - Making Shift Happen the Feminine Way". Enter your details to the right and we will send you the videos!

More than ever women need ways to gather... to feel connected... to conjure up courage and inner strength... to  hear their own inner wisdom and gain clarity.  

We have been hearing from so many women that they are being called to call a circle, create a program, make an offering, bring people together in new ways, with intention, now.

The idea feels exciting, the possibility expansive AND maybe even like it's stretching you out of your comfort zone  - even for those who have been holding space for many years. We are each being called to step into an even fuller embodiment of our wise women soul.

This is why we are calling this circle of circle holders - to gather with our dreams and ideas for what we are each being called to birth this coming year. Swe can conjure up courage, gain clarity, access feminine wisdom and use our collective energy to illuminate the path ahead for the offerings and gatherings we are each being called to call and cause.

Women have always gathered our power in circle.  
We have always used sacred circles to cause powerful shift to happen. 

We feel the time is NOW to create an incubator, an accelerator and a community of sisters committed to stepping out more fully and visibly to call together the people they are uniquely here to touch, gather and serve.  To use the art of sacred circle, to be supported as you birth your new offerings, to have a space that is holding you, as you hold space for and gather others. 

This is why we are calling this Feminine Wisdom Session and Circle.  We're a collective of women who've been holding circles & sacred space for others, and have been using the art of sacred circle to design and create offerings that go beyond the mind, and into the heart and spirit of women. We are holding this sacred circle for the circle holders - whether you are new to circle or have been holding space for years. 

Explore the 7 pillars of calling a powerful circle / program that both serves others and serves you - gain clarity on who you are being called to invite and gain focus on the intention of this offering... what are you really causing, creating and calling and why?    

Learn more about the art of the sacred circle and how you can use this timeless wisdom in the modern world to create gatherings and programs that powerfully create connection and transformation for people - in ways that the circle itself vs you hold the energy and flow. 

Participate in an intentional process that connects you with your heart wisdom about why this circle + why now + why you - so you can feel the inner courage to step out, the inner compassion to connect with your beloveds from love not fear, and the inner wisdom to remember who you are and why you are the perfect one to call your circle.   

Talk honestly about what we are seeing in the world and why more than ever we need sisterhood, feminine wisdom, intentional space, and guidance to support us in bringing ourselves more fully, visibly into the world.

This session was taped on the half moon waxing - a night with potent energy for focusing and liberation - we invite you to bring whatever dream or idea you have for your circle - whether it's a program, circle, event, retreat, gathering - you'd love to birth in 2018 - to this virtual circle of circle holders where we:

Who is calling this circle and why? 

We are women who have been holding circle, studying, remembering and using the sacred technology of circle, and holding space for others for many years. We have sat in circle together as sisters, and have held space for each other as we've stepped more and more into our callings and sacred work into the world. And we've heard the collective call that there is a culminating wave of possibility to create more connection and gain more access to wisdom during a time when the mainstream culture is experiencing separation, isolation and a disconnection from their innate deep heart wisdom. 

So we are responding to the call of those called to call others together in powerful ways that create shift, sisterhood, connection, courage, compassion and open the way for new, elevated wisdom and consciousness to emerge ...
Even if that is 10 women in your living room on the full moons... or what looks like a corporate women's event or training but is rooted in the art of sacred circle... or a 'program' or 'group' that meets regularly but that uses the art of sacred circle to create more powerful experiences that keep people engaged and connected and cause shift to happen...
You are invited to join us...

"Groups run by and for women...are our place 
to discover who we are, or we could become, 
as whole independent beings. 

Somewhere in our lives, each of us needs a free place... 
Do you have yours? "

(and will you hold the space for others?)

- Gloria Steinem, Outrageous Acts & Everyday Rebellions
(as quoted in The Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen)

"It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader...

The time for the lone wolf is over.  
Gather yourselves!  
Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.  
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
    We are the ones we've been waiting for."

-Hopi Elder Speaks

We have been hearing from many women in our communities that they are being called to gather and connect other women...  
and would love to go deeper and learn how to apply the ancient wisdom and super power of sacred circle 
to programs, retreats, events, and gatherings they are being called to call...
with the support of a sisterhood of other open-hearted, conscious women... 
creating the feminine way,  in ways that support themselves and the elevation of their sacred work.

SECOND... put this seed of possibility into your field and ask your Inner Wisdom to chew on it... On October 26th, we will begin a 5 month incubator, catalyzer, accelerator and training for those who desire to powerfully birth their circle/program/offering into the world by Spring of 2018. It's called "The Art of Sacred Circle" and you can participate from anywhere in the world. 

We will be holding space for you to take your idea from seed to material form and reality, and support you to bring this next expression of your wise woman self into the world. We will be sharing the wisdom, techniques, skills and rituals of sacred circle, applied to the specific way you are being called to gather people together now.

For now, feel into joining us from October 26th - March 15th, where through sisterhood + connection + the power of circle women around the world will birth their new offerings by International Women's Day 2018... Each of us doing our part to make shift happen.  Invitation to come!  

FIRST... watch the Feminine Wisdom Session.  Bring your dream or idea for your circle or program and your journal, for an experience where we will co-create together and illuminate the path ahead for what you are being called to birth, the feminine way.  


It is with gratitude and appreciation for all of the wise women and men who have for centuries kept the wisdom of the circle alive... and with a deep bow of sisterhood to all of the women who have come before us to gather together, even in times of intensity, change and unrest in the world. May the thread of the sacred circle always remain intact through the hearts of the women and men who dare to courageously create from love and grace, for the benefit of all beings.

Christine Arylo, MBA, 
Feminine Leadership Advisor &  Wisdom Teacher
Creator of The Art of Sacred Circle Training 

Elana Auerbach, 13 Moon Mystery School,  mediator and conflict resolution consultant

Lainie Love Dalby
Sacred Artist & Ritualist 

Shasta Nelson, CEO of GirlfriendCircles and Friendship University

Michele PWCreator & Author of Love-Based Copywriting & Marketing Series 

Stacey Hoffer 
Sacred Circle Holder 

Julie Santiago 
Sacred Circle Holder 

Claudine Woo, Phd
Storyteller & Scientist  

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