I look forward to spending this Feminine Super Powered Year with you  Living, Leading & Succeeding the Feminine Way.

This is a circle of courageous and compassionate women around the world committed to living, leading and succeeding the feminine way. Infusing and embodying our innate feminine wisdom in all parts of our lives to 'do it differently' .

Which means this circle holds you as you walk through this year  - you are woven into the  wise woman web as we like to say.   We'll be here for you - so you stay committed and true to yourself.  

 May the wisdom within you guide you forward.

 with great heart,

The Flow & Structure
The feminine way is not about creating more to do's in your life...
 this is a commitment YOU make to YOU to live and create  the feminine way - it's you giving yourself the support, structure and sisterhood  to   
 ELEVATE  your internal operating system to a new, more supportive, saner and sustainable rhythm  - that empowers you to grow your work, relationships, and personal health & wealth without sacrificing yourself.

Remember how to live, lead  and succeed, the feminine way...
focused on what matters, guided by your feminine intuition & wisdom,   
fueled by the courage, compassion,  and clarity from within.  


People have often asked me, "How do I bring the Feminine into my day to day life, in tangible, practical ways. They want more of what the feminine way can bring - space, grace, peace, harmony. But how do you actually do it?


There are specific DAILY PRACTICES + FEMININE WISDOM TEACHINGS + PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL WAYS OF BEING & DOING that can awaken and strengthen the Feminine to be a guiding force  in how you operate and create. The key is applying the wisdom and ways in your day to day life. 

This is how you RE-AWAKEN these more natural, and powerful, ways so  you can RELEASE + REPROGRAM the distorted masculine ways (controlling, pushing, forcing, pressuring, over-rationalizing, trying to 'figure it out' with your mind, valuing the material over the spiritual) and the distorted feminine (manipulation, passive aggression, competition, comparison, perfectionism, impatience) programs that SO don't work anymore. 


Every moon, for remaining 6 moons of the year, we will gather on the new moon to activate one Feminine Super Power which will become your focus for how you create, operate, lead, live, make choices about how you spend your life force that month - you will invite this feminine energy into your body, mind and life to do things differently and to see what happens. 

As you put these practices + wisdom into embodied practice into the choices you make in your work, relationships, family, health, wealth, happiness, etc, SHIFT WILL HAPPEN. 


You'll be UPGRADING & ELEVATING  your INTERNAL OPERATING SYSTEM with these Feminine Super Powered ways that are more authentic to who you are and how you want to live and lead, they have just been dormant and diminished. Let's spend the year unleashing them!




"If you are ready to live in the flow rather than against it, join the Feminine Super Power Year."  - Shannon, Texas

Here's How This Works ...

You will know WHAT you are focusing on... have the power to say NO to LET GO of what  will fragment your energy ... CHOOSE the projects that matter most so that by the end of the year you have created what you desire... PLUS have the space and time to care for all of what matters to you, including yourself!  

4 times during the remainder of 2018, I  will guide you to take a personal retreat, a "Power Pause,"  to tap into your Feminine Wisdom, reflect on your vision & what's occurred, and then re-store, re-align + re-focus your life force and resources to what matters most, at that specific time.

You'll focus more on what sustains and nourishes you + gain the power to let go of what doesn't.  

You'll  stop fragmenting your energy, trying to get everything done, because you have access to wisdom to see what is in right timing. 

You'll have more of an impact in your work, with your family, in your health, wealth, relationships and dreams because you are FOCUSED and SUPPORTED and in the DIVINE FLOW. 


"I often felt like I had too much to do, not enough time, striving and working too hard, lacking the spaciousness and flow I desired.  I knew I was missing something - tools, insights, a way of being and doing that I had NOT been taught in business school, in my on the job training, as an enteprenuer, or in any self help book I had read. 

What I was missing was wisdom and the guidance of how to put the feminine into practice in my daily, personal, work and family life."  

One: Set Focused Intentions and Path for the second half of this year

You will receive and take the F.L.O.W. Mid year Power Pause - a three step process that leads you to get clear on how to best Focus Your Lifeforce On What matters -  in your work, relationships, physical wellbeing, wealth, home. 

Two: Grow & Tend Your Vision for the rest of 2018.  Focused + Fluid = In the Flow 

Learn to Use the "Super Power Days" &  Moon Cycles to "Moonifest" Your  Desires into Form + 
to Keep Your Life Force & Resources Focused on What Matters Most + to Set a Sustainable, Supportive Rhythm that Empowers You to Thrive     

  • A live  Power Pause Ritual + Circle with  Christine & other women around the world  - during Fall  Equinox and December Solstice -  We'll tap into the powerful energy of the time together -  you can attend live or receive the recording. 

  • A step by step 'ritual ' for the remaining 4 Super Power Days in 2018  - with Wisdom inquiries and processes specific to the 'super power energy' available during this  period  - You'll gain the power to  ACCESS Wisdom + GUIDE your life force  and resource focus and choices in your work, career, health, wealth, home, and relationships with  processes we've used and refined for over a decade.

  • A Wisdom  booklet with the wisdom + the practices + hand illustrated "super power sheets" (templates) you can customize them with your personal wisdom and divine guidance, color them and put them into your journal or on your altar to work with.  These fun and illuminating graphics activate other parts of your brain, your subconscious and your intuition because they use color, symbol, and metaphor (created by our 'sacred scribe,' artist Katherine Torrini).

Let's Make it a Feminine Super Powered Year 
Reserve My Space in the Circle

Feminine Super Power Year - Full Feminine Wisdom Training 

  • Mid year Flow Power Pause -3 step process via video with Guidebook   
  • 4 Feminine Super Power Day Rituals - with live video/audio, inquiries, processes and booklet
  • 6 Feminine Super Power Activation + New Moon Intention Circles (live and recorded)
  • 6 Full Moon Illumination Circles to Go Deeper and Receive Guidance (live and recorded)
  • 6 Feminine Super Powers - wisdom teachings, booklets, daily practices, meditations, yoga sets, intuitive expansion and physical embodiment practices 
  • Advanced Moonifesting Training + Booklet - learning to use the phases of the moon to establish the rhythm and patterns for your life.
  • Wisdom Letters from Christine on the new moon, half moons and full moons - to keep you tapped into the magical and mystical as you work and live in your daily life ... you will be tapped into a new flow! 
  • Access to the Feminine Super Power Library - to access all materials, videos, audios, meditations, booklets 
  • Access to Feminine Super Power Community of Wise Women Around the World - to share intentions, insights and the journey
  • Feminine Super Power Year 2018 Journal - To use during our Moonly Circles and Power Pause Rituals to document the wisdom you receive. Pages are blank, no lines, to get out your markers and see what emerges!

We will send you the 2018 Feminine Super Power Year Journal right to your door step!  

$108 month / 6-months
$599 one-time payment 

You can use it this year to keep visioning, creating, and tracking
 the growth of your sacred work, relationships, health & wealth
 and powerful presence.

REGISTER HERE for Feminine Super Power Year July - Dec 2018

Three: Embody your Feminine Power & Presence

the OLD way

the FEMININE way 


We will provide the wisdom +  structure +  practices to support you to make this feminine energy REAL and ACTIVE in every area of your life. By  awakening & strengthening these feminine energies within you, you begin to EMBODY the feminine way  of BEING, and you gain the power to do things differently.

Here is what you receive each moon: 

  • NEW MOON ACTIVATION CIRCLE - ONE NEW SUPER POWER PER MOON   I'll give you the Divine download on this super power and share with you how to make it real and practical in your day to day life. You can attend LIVE and be part of a circle of women around the world OR all circles are recorded. 
  • DAILY PRACTICE -  TO SUPPORT YOU TO SHIFT HOW YOU THINK, OPERATE, CREATE, MAKE CHOICES, LEAD + SHOW UP. You'll LOVE these short but mighty practices you can do everyday in 11 minutes or less to make this super power a guiding force in your lifeThey will keep you committed to your daily practice and support you to strengthen your Divine connection and intuitve super powers. 
  • WISDOM INQUIRY -  TO OPEN UP ACCESS TO THE DEEPER WISDOM WITHIN YOU - For those that love to journal and dive deep, there will be journaling inquiries for every super power and other resources to take you deeper into your exploration and experimentation. 

  • EMBODIED PHYSICAL PRACTICES + INTUITIVE EXPANSION PRACTICES -  KUNDALINI YOGA, MANTRAS, MEDITATIONS MORE MODALITIES TO EXPERIMENT WITH.  If you want to make shift happen, you have to do it on a physical and spiritual level, both. I'll give you a kundalini yoga set or meditation or other practice you can do throughout the moon to more fully embody the super power and break through the blocks that emerge as a result of your re-patterning. 
  • FULL MOON "ILLUMINATION" CIRCLES FOR RECEIVING GUIDANCE, SHARING WISDOM, GOING DEEPER, SUPER POWERING YOUR MOONLY INTENTIONS - Connect with Christine and others live, via video or phone, for connection and community, or tune in later via recording.  Your choice, each moon depending on what you need. 
  • SUPER POWER BOOKLET- with Wisdom + Practices + Inquiries + Visual Posters   to Bring the Super Powers to Life in Your Life and Being. 

When you take pauses to Re-align and Re-focus your LIFE FORCE every month and for power pauses on a consistent basis, you align with the natural physical and spiritual rhythms. You gain  power to bring your work, projects, relationships,  and desires into form in  sustainable, supportive ways. You begin to grow your work and relationships and dreams  in ways that prosper, vs create more pressure.

When you work with the cycles of the moon,  which are naturally connected to your body and the creative cycle, you  create IN THE FLOW and as  a result create a  MORE HARMONIOUS, SPACIOUS RHYTHM and reality to your work and life. 

When you focus your energy on what matters and what is in Divine Timing,
 you gain space, spend less energy and have more of the impact you desire.  

You'll create a new, more harmonious, spacious, rhythm to your life as you flow with the natural cycles, growing your work, projects, relationships, family, home, wealth and health like a thriving, sustainable garden.  


From July through December, we gather live on the new moon circles via virtual video stream. You'll have the structure and reminder to set your 'life force intentions' for that moon cycle. Aligned with your overall vision for the second half of 2018, this will support you to focus on just a few things to create (and let go of the rest without guilt or stress) and also balance the being and doing so your energy tanks stay filled up and your energy, time and money go to what matter most. 

With the wisdom to plan your projects, life, business, even your social life, in harmony with the moons, you are more supported by the earth's energies and by Divine timing,
 so you and your life operates more in the flow.  

"This is such a multifaceted program - spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical-- that offers multiple levels of support for authentic personal alignment. The framework of the Feminine was so compelling in that it offers a way to work with natural cycles and rhythms to guide one's life."

I designed the structure so it fits into your life, and so that you have access to real, face to face, connection, inspiration, and guidance throughout the year - when you desire it.   Or you can choose to 'do' Feminine Super Power Year as a self-study. Or anything in between. It's fluid. 


Feminine Super Power Year is designed so you can participate in multiple ways depending on how connected with others you want to be,
AND  how deep you want to go,
 so that it all flows into your life supporting you to create new patterns, habits, rhythms.

Click here to view the flow calendar

 You can  also join us  for any of our Feminine Wisdom Retreats on/near the Super Power Days - 
and spend sacred space with Christine and 
other daring, courageous wise women.

Mid Year Power Pause: 
July 27-29 - Kripalu Yoga Center - East Coast 

Feminine Wisdom Weekend
Oct 21-22 - California Institute of Integrative Studies
San Francisco - West Coast


If you want a pro-active program to help you unhook from this maddening society we live in, this will help you gain control of your mind and environment. It is worth every single penny, even if you participate minimally, it will change your world.  - Summer, Florida 

The Feminine Super Power Year gives you focus and guidance and teaches you new ways to look at the world. 
- Heather, Pennsylvania 
I'm more grounded. I have more faith in trusting and knowing that everything will work out. I have found the confidence and faith to follow my heart and soul desires. -Sarah, California  
Want to learn more about Christine? Click here.

New 6-month Session Starts July 12th  

1. READ THE  INVITATION  below to get the details on the structure + 3 ways to receive this support

2. CLAIM YOUR SPACE in this circle of women daring to live, lead and succeed differently, by July 12

 "Feminine Super Power Year is like Hogwarts for the Sacred Feminine - a    feminine wisdom school'    that strengthens your access to the mystical & spiritual realms in practical ways so you can live, lead, create, and operate the feminine way, in the material world -  in your work/career, relationships, health, wealth & home.       

It is for women who desire to both achieve & receive... 
who desire to be courageous & compassionate...  

who want to work and operate in ways that are both focused & fluid... 

who would love to gain fuller access to their intuitive powers, 

so they can illuminate the path ahead and trust it with more grace.   

It is a practical training & powerful practice that uses timeless sacred feminine, indigenous earth and yogic wisdom that really does pack  the 'super power' to liberate you out of overwhelm, overgiving  & overefforting.  By working in tune with the natural rhythms and cycles, you learn to grow your work and career, give to those you love, and go for your dreams and desires in ways that sustain instead of drain you.          
Because there is a consistent rhythm, with moon-ly focuses & practices that you use in your day to day life, you begin to embody the feminine in how you live, lead and succeed. Supported by other daring women doing the same, you start making different choices in how you work, relate, create and operate.         

Women continue to participate year after year - because just the structure alone keeps them connected to their inner core - centered, clear and focused - even in the swirl of the world. Many love the community and sisterhood. Some choose to do this completely as a self-study. Everyone loves receiving the skills, practices, and tools to keep coming back to what is true from within, so they can show up as the leaders they are, have the impact they desire, grow themselves, their work and their relationships, AND be and feel  supported themselves.       

Instead of just pushing your way through the rest of this year, maybe having some fun over the summer but then in the fall freaking out that you have so much to do, you  will experience the power of taking a mid year "Power Pause"  that gives you the power to stay focused on what matters,  to let go of trying to do it all,  and to experience deeply what it is like to work and live in the flow. 

No art experience necessary. We use the power of symbol and metaphor and words to invoke the power of intentional creativity.  Our creativity is one of our feminine super powers, and this year you will use it and learn to love it!

 Illuminate all of the things you COULD spend your life force on, 
but if you tried to do it all, you'd deplete your life force and resources. 

 Choose & commit to what you will grow, cultivate & nourish the rest of the year, so instead of trying to do it all and diminishing your power, you focus on what matters  

Create a visual  representation of what you will focus on in your work, relationships, personal wellbeing, money, home and creative expression +  receive a daily morning practice for staying connected to your Wisdom to guide your choices

Wise Women Create Space  to 
Tap into their Truth, Desire + Deeper Wisdom
at the mid-year point so they wisely stay focused ,
so instead of draining themselves, they sustain themselves 

"I love my FLOW Mandala, which was like a soul compass to give me direction, stay on track and recalibrate when necessary. Having a structure to get clear on what really matters to me was so powerful and inspiring!"
- Gemma, Southern California, Entrepreneur, Desert Oils & Mother of 4 

Visioning the Feminine Way & creating this physical manifestation of my desires and life force focuses started this entire process with so much power. And trust me, that was a big move for me because up until now, I don't draw and play with markers, crayons, art of any kind. 

It was a very heart-opening practice for me.
- Cheryl, Arizona, VP of Human Resources + Founder of Venus Rising  


We'll provide the structure, the rituals, the space,   and the processes that you can do on your own or in community, live, with other women living and leading the feminine way:



Within the moon cycle itself, there are 12 different phases as it moves from new to full to new again about every 28 days - starting with the new moon (the time for setting intentions), moves through the half moons, crescent moons, a full moon (time to expand and illuminate new possibilities).  You will learn to use all the phases to maximize yoru creative power (for example you never start something new right before a new moon) and experiment with how to use the moon to add energy to your creations. 

Feminine Super Power Year has become a part of my grounding, a part of my calm. A part of my life. 
Following the moon cycles is now a part of my normal routine in living - I notice when I find myself "out of synch", and tune back into the moon and her impact on my life.It's an opportunity to connect to the feminine in a way that grows you to your most powerful, and centered, place.

JoAnna, California 

Taking Power Pauses to re-calibrate and reflect throughout the year had a tremendous impact on me, my work and my personal satisfaction. Mooni-festing raised my awareness to the natural world happening around me and helped me really listen to my intuition. It made my vision and intentions REAL and something I could commune with throughout the year, reminding me of the big picture I set out with and helping me stay grounded when energy got intense during the year.

Emy Royce, Montana 

As a participant in Feminine Super Power Year, you have access to
 the Feminine Wisdom  library  - which houses all of this wisdom for easy access.      

The Feminine Super Powers have given me a language and tools to use as a I co-create my life experience.  

The Feminine Super Power Year helps sustain you emotionally by slowing down within the chaos to weave a picture for your life that suits who you are at your core, as opposed to fulfilling some socially constructed fantasy of who you should beIt helped me pursue a dream  I've  had since I was eleven: my doctorate. Without it, I don't think  I would have had the courage to follow through.  I would've  convinced myself to be practical. I am so grateful for the changes  these super powers helped me make.

- Brenna, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Living this way has taken the pressure off which allows me to keep going and be more calm. It has created faith in the process and patience."

"I feel like a different person since studying this feminine way of working and living. I am learning to live my life fuller, better, differently than the typical patterns we are used to. I am breaking patterns that don't serve me or society anymore. I am living my life in accordance to something that seems to be forgotten - by following earth wisdom and patterns. By elevating the feminine BACK to the equal way she is meant to be - not "less-than"- the way we were brought up to believe and how our society views us - I am stronger. And I know it has been this community that has help me to do this.

- Kelly, Minnesota

I know it can be difficult to create the space for yourself, so this circle and I will be here all year to make sure you give yourself permission to create the space  for yourself. 

We will set and hold the rhythm of the moon cycles and the Feminine Super Power Days  so you don't have to.   All you have to do is unplug from the fast paced modern day world, and plug into this Feminine Wisdom world.  

As a result your  life starts to re-pattern itself into 
a more harmonized, spacious and aligned rhythm. 

For those in the full Feminine Super Year, we gather in person on the:

  • New moons -  Feminine Super Power Activation Circles where you receive wisdom & practices, and begin new moonifesting cycle. You can attend these live or tune into the circle later via video or audio recording. 
  • Full moons  -  Wisdom Ilumination Circles: receive guidance, support, connection with Christine + the community 

For those in the full Feminine Super Year + the Moonifesting,  we gather on the: 

  • Super Power Days -  Take a Personal Retreat - a power pause - from Home with the Rituals to Reflect, Restore, Realign & Refocus 

You Choose How You Engage, Connect 
 &  How You Receive  Support 

You Choose How Deeply 
You Desire to Go into the Wisdom

We’ve created this level of participation for those who would love a simple way to set a vision for your work and life at the start of the year, and then have the ‘space’ saved to take super power pauses to reflect and refocus your life force during the key shifting points of the year - Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice

And during the in-between, stay attuned to the new and full moon cycles, giving you moonly resets and a more natural flow to the year, and the super power to feed the feminine first and stay focused on what matters most.   

Being connected to the rhythm of the moon phases + having the space saved at key times during the year, keeps you out of the fray, connected & focused on what matters to you.

Moonifesting Only

Mid Year Power Pause 
+ New Moon Transmission 
+ Full Moon Meditation 
(sent via recording)
+ Super Power Days Rituals 
(attend live or recorded)

 Full Feminine Wisdom Training 

Mid Year Flow Power  Pause
+ 6 Feminine Super Powers  
+ Yoga/Meditation Practices
+ Twice per Moon Live Circles    
+ Advanced Moonifesting 
+ All  Super Power Days Rituals
+ Feminine Wisdom Library  

For those who desire to truly elevate their internal programming out of the distorted feminine and masculine ways of living and leading - out of overwhelm, pushing, self sacrificing, self induced pressure, over giving, over doing. For those who desire to apply the divine  FEMININE in practical, embodied ways in how you live, work, lead, relate, create and operate.

The 6 Feminine Super Powers we  study, embody and put to use in our daily life during the second half of the year are connected to deep and timeless  feminine wisdom that provide a different way.  

The structure + the live teachings & circles with Christine + the sisterhood + the wisdom booklets and daily practices -  elevate and empower you on the inside, creating shift in all parts of your life on the outside.

Two levels of participation based on what you desire this year.

We will set the structure and 
hold the space, so you don't have to...

There is community and sisterhood   here, if you desire it.  

There is personal interaction and support with me on our live circles and in person retreats. 

There is personal spiritual and emotional support available with the Feminine Wisdom guides, women who have been studying and living the feminine wisdom ways for many years.  

There is creative  and mystical   inspiration to spark your sacred work and soul   available .

The container you created and held in place this year has felt so safe, accepting, non-judgmental. I have loved all of it and signed up again in 2018 to support me to bring some of my big dreams into being fully realized.  

This is an exquisitely designed, deeply considered, and lovingly facilitated emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical experience. You are changing my life in a significant way, thank you.  

I love  Feminine Super Power year! The structure provided helped me to stay focused. chose to attend some live circle and self study watching the videos and using the practices - the yoga, meditations and daily rituals. I loved the shifts into each new moon that gave me a  mindful and heartful alignment with the energies of each moon and super power.I also loved the in person retreats at Equinox and Solstice and plan to attend again.

- Tammy, Texas 

The materials and experience is stellar! I've taken a number of long term courses on line and in community, and I have to say, it was the organization, materials, and team response that really made me perk up and say, "this is golden!" The team is so responsive to questions and so supportive. I loved the teachings and how authentic and down-to-earth they were. I love Christine's style of profound, funny, compassionate, fierce, and tender.

Cheryl, Arizona 

I have recommitted to meditating every day. I use the moon cycles to reflect on where I am putting my life energy. I have a focus for how I am growing and learning each moon.

I trust my intuition to guide me so much more. My connection to my Intuition is so much stronger. I moonifest and adore the relationship I have with the moon and the Feminine.

I am doing things differently, in more harmony. 
I am letting go of should, trusting in Divine timing, trust, trust, trust all around!

* Take a Mid Year Power Pause & Set  Your Intentions for the rest of 2018 * 
* Focus Your Life Force on What Matters Most * 
* Use Feminine Super Power Days to Amplify & Focus Your Work, Relationships, Health and Wealth  *
* Learn to Moonifest Your Desires & Sacred Work * 
* Create a Spacious Rhythm to your Days, Weeks Months and Year * 
* Awaken & Strengthen 6 Feminine Super Powers  *
* Embody the Feminine Way of Being & Doing  *
* Gain Kundalini Yoga & Feminine Wisdom Practices for Increasing Calm. Confidence & Clarity and Releasing Fear, Stress and Pressure  *

Your Moon-i-festing Year Includes

Your Moon-i-festing Year Includes

Feminine Super Power Year - Moonifesting Only 

$44 month / 6-months
$244 / one payment
REGISTER HERE for Moonifesting - July through December 2018

  • Mid year Flow Power Pause  -3 step process via video with Guidebook
  • 4 Feminine Super Power Day Rituals & Power Pauses - with live video/audio, inquiries, processes and booklet 
  • Moonifesting Training + Booklet - learning to use the phases of the moon to establish the rhythm for your life.
  • Wisdom Letters from Christine on  the new moon and full moons - to keep you tapped into the magical and mystical as you work and live in your daily life ... you will be tapped into a new flow! 
  • Access to the Moonifesting  portion of the Feminine Super Power Library  
  • Access to Feminine Super Power Community of Wise Women Around the World - to share intentions, insights and the journey
  • Feminine Super Power Year 2018 Journal - To use during our Super Power Day Retreats to document the wisdom you receive. Pages are blank, no lines, to get out your markers and see what emerges!

Would you like to talk with someone? If you have a question not addressed here or wish to speak with a member of our team before moving forward with registration, our lead Feminine Wisdom Guide and Circle Director Lea Guthrie is here. Just reach out to her via email at Lea@Arylo.com, let her know your questions and you can email or find a time to talk.

We'd Love to Invite you Into this Circle of Wise Woman Daring
 to Live, Lead & Succeed Differently, The Feminine Way

Claim Your Space Now - You'll receive the Solstice Power Pause which you can do anytime through July 12th when we start the 6-month cycle on the new moon!

Choose Your Level of Participation + Register
If you have questions, reach out to our Circle Director, Lea Guthrie atLea@Arylo.com

Q: What is the Difference Between the Two Levels of Participation?

A: Great question! For the Moonifesting level of study and participation, the live interaction with Christine and the community will occur during the super power rituals at Summer Solstice (June), Fall Equinox (Sept) and Winter Solstice (Dec) and on the online Wise Woman Cafe.

For the Full Feminine Wisdom Training Students, you receive everything that the Moonifesting Level offers PLUS you receive Live Circles with Christine and our Sisterhood on the New Moon and Full Moon, and together we Activate a Feminine Super Power every Moon. For those who desire a community and sisterhood of women to engage with on a regular basis, and want the full immersion into the Feminine Super Powers, the Full Feminine Wisdom Training is the best option.  

Q: What if I'm Not Ready to Commit to Feminine Super Power Year for 6 months?

A: We know that this year may not be the year to dive deep into the Full Feminine Wisdom Training and you would still love to vision the Feminine Way and stay tuned to the moon cycles and the major Feminine Super Power Days to create your year and keep your life force focused on what matters.  

 We created the Moonifesting level for those that would love a simple way to set a vision for your work and life at the start of the year, and then have the ‘space’ saved to take super power pauses to reflect and refocus your life force during the four key shifting points of the year. And during the in-between, stay attuned to the feminine new and full moon cycles, giving you moonly resets and a more natural flow to the year, and the super power to feed the feminine first and stay focused on what matters most.   

Q: Do I need to attend all the live circles to receive the training?

A: No. You don't need to attend every live circle or ritual to get the benefit out of being part of this courageous circle of wise women.  They are all recorded via video and audio. 

The program is designed to fit into your life and flow with what is emerging in a way that keeps you out of the swirl of the world. Which means the structure of the moon cycles, the wisdom letters, the practices, the live circles and the super power day rituals create a pattern to your life that keeps you connected to a more sustainable, spacious way of living... even when things get intense.

These super powers work in your life because you are part of the circle for the year. And yes, if you show up live and connect in community you will get more out of the experience. But lots of women do the entire program self study and only attend the  super power rituals. And that has been powerful for them. 

Q: Is there Personal 1:1 Support Available?

A: Yes. We have a special addition to Feminine Super Power Year: Moonly 1:1 Wise Woman Wisdom Sessions with additional support, reflection and deepening with Lea Guthrie. 

Some years having a person who is walking with you side by side, holding space, working with what comes up, able to reflect the wisdom inside is what we need. Lea has supported Feminine Super Power year the last two years, has been personally mentored in the feminine wisdom tradition by Christine and is a seasoned and powerful transformational coach and wise woman. 

For more information about the potential of receiving personal support & designing what you need, reach out to Lea directly at Lea@Arylo.com    

REGISTER HERE for Feminine Super Power Year 6 month session 2018REGISTER HERE for Moonifesting

Twice a year, at the start of the year and at the mid-year point, we open up this training and the sisterhood for women who desire to receive feminine wisdom they can put to use in practical ways to live, lead, work, create, operate and relate differently. 
 If you join us at this 2018 mid-point, here is how it works: 

You will receive the e-book:
Modern Woman's Guide to Moonifesting : Using the Lunar Cycles to Co Create Your Life, Super Power Your Work and Nourish Your Body and Soul 

+ a full video Wisdom Session where Christine will teach you the basics of moonifesting in  a way you can start using them right away to plan, focus and work and live in the flow. 

F.LO.W. mid-year Power Pause Includes:

F.L.O.W. Feminine Super Power Pause Ritual: 
Get clear on where to focus your life force the second half of the year 

Personal F.L.O.W. Mandala:
Bring to life visually your life force focuses & commitments to keep them top of mind & heart 

Personal F.L.O.W. Practice to stay focused:
 To do throughout the rest of the year to keep you focused, clear and centered

Feminine Super Power Pause Booklet: 
To lead you through the process and capture your personal insights and commitments 

Embodied Kundalini Yoga Practice for activating the Feminine Creative Power:
We'll do this together to add fire power to your projects & focuses

Short physical practice you can do daily to activate & ignite your Feminine Creative Flow:
 To keep your energy vibrant & high so your body & heart are supported to thrive  

FLOW Mandala's from 2017 Feminine Super Power Year Students

Enrollment is closed and will reopen December 2018 for the New Year. 

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