Spend a Weekend Dreaming together
in Wine Country this February? 

Dream 2018 & the Next Phase of Your Life with Your Beloved


We've noticed the happiest, most connected couples have both joint dreams & individual dreams. They know how to work together, and support each other. 

Imagine if you & your beloved took a leap out of your daily life to expand into new possibilities and set a new dream for yourselves and your partnership for 2018 and beyond. 

Take the space to dream and be supported to vision your lives forward in one of the most beautiful, expansive, abundant places. Expand. Plan. Release. Recalibrate. Have fun!

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Invitation Please!

Receive a year-end process to do together PLUS two sessions with us. You'll be supported to dream big and keep it alive in your daily life.

Enter your name and email to get the full invitation. You can also read more below.  If this sounds like something you would love to do, contact us and we will connect.  

At the Dooley Creek Ranch you’ll disconnect from the outside world and be fully immersed into your own world surrounded by the rolling hills of Hopland CA.  

Retreat Together in Wine Country at an Estate 

Articulate & Craft your “Big Dream” Together

Dream up the common stake for what you’re building and creating as a union for the next phase of your lives that excites, motivates and inspires you. You’ll leave with a common reality and language for the bigger purpose of your partnership.

Create a Vision Map with personal & partnership priorities & desires 

Get clear on and share what matters most to you individually for the coming year. You will find ways to support both of you, without sacrificing. You'll have the space to truly hear your partner and be heard, so you both get what you need to soar.

Recalibrate Roles & Set New Partnership Foundations

We will share with you the same techniques we use to clear the air, let go of old stuff, release old roles, redefine how you can best work as a team, and use conflict to go deeper and fuel your dreams. You will leave set up to be successful in your day to day life when you return home.

We'll share with you a fun and inspiring way to complete your year, celebrate successes, release disappointments and garner wisdom - instant connection!

2017 Year End Completion Ritual

We always start with sovereignty, so you'll be thinking about your individual dreams before you show up at the retreat to dream together.

When you return to your day to day life, your personality can try to get you to revert to old patterns. You'll have a practice and agreements in place to deal with conflict, when it arises, in fun, supportive ways. 

1:1 Session with Us Before & After the Retreat

We will meet via video call to get you started on the dreaming path in January. And then after you leave the retreat, we will have a follow-up session about 40 days later, to continue to support you in integrating your dreams in your day to day life.

"Couples who dream together thrive together.
If you are going to choose the partnership path, then your relationship should be the wind beneath your wings - a source of great power, love, support and potential. The challenge is that most of us were not given the tools or wisdom to create powerful, sacred partnerships that continue to deepen, grow and flourish, supporting both individuals to soar. " 


Christine Arylo & Noah Martin
Partners in life, love and business - 12 years married, 17 years figuring it out

Sometimes, you have to retreat from the world you live in, to create a world that inspires you.

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Christine Arylo & Noah Martin


The most powerful way to create new patterns, seed dreams and manifest new realities 

is to do it over the course of time. 

So we've created this experience in which we will guide you to end the year, 

dream your new year, and revisit the dream after you've returned to your daily lives.


Individual Dreaming Inquiries for January

Practices to Put in Place Post Retreat 

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