A 2-day  urban retreat  to Connect More Deeply
With Your Feminine Wisdom, Learn  New Ways for Creating & Focusing Your Life Force & Chart the Path Ahead for Your Work and Life into 2019. 

The ancient sages predicted we would come to this time in humanity when we would not be prepared to handle the amount of intensity, information and levels of uncertainty we face. It's not your fault it can all feel so overwhelming.   

We all need access to deeper levels of wisdom, practices and tools to keep us centered, clear, courageous, compassionate and calm within the swirl of the world and our own overwhelm and fear.

What you can access in the presence of others, in intentional space is so much more than you access and on your own.

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Each ticket include 20 speakers, 1000 

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we are living in intense & changing times...for which we really do need 'super powers' to stay clear, focused and able to navigate the uncertainty... to stay true to ourselves, and lead the way to new ways of working, living and being, that sustain, not drain us.

What’s Included in this Weekend Immersion?

* 2  days with Christine Arylo and an amazing group of conscious people in an education center dedicated to Wisdom and bridging the worlds to create new ways for living and leading. 

* Instruction and guidance to expand your access to and mastery of your intuitive power,   strengthening your clarity, confidence and courage to receive and follow your deeper wisdom in all areas of life - career, work, relationship, health, wealth and home.  We will apply this directly to the stretches and desires you are working with in your life right now, so you go home clearer and wiser and more confident in the path ahead.

* Feminine "Super Power" Practices - including daily morning and evening practices, Kundalini yoga, mantra, meditation you can use when you get home to clear fear and confusion, tap into the expansive intuitive "Field" to gain guidance and cultivate courage to step into the unknown.  

** A personalized "plan" for the rest of 2018 and start of 2019 that clearly reflects where you will focus your life force and resources  to create what matters most - and gain the power to say No to what doesn't.  And that teaches you to use the natural moon and earth cycles to support your work and your own personal sustainability. 

** Guidance, teaching, wisdom and connection  from Christine


I have designed this weekend experience so you leave with practical, powerful and simple tools, rituals, & practices you can use in your every day life to access your deepest wisdom, find the courage to step into the unknown, and follow your truth and stay true to yourself, even if it scares you or disappoints another.
We weren't given the tools + wisdom we need to meet these times with fiercity and grace, compassion and confidence... so we come to places like the California Institute of Integral Studies  to turn off the outside world and tap into our inner world. 

It is in the space with ourselves, with other courageous beings, that we can access truths and possibilities not accessible on our own.  I look forward to being in this powerful space with you, to fuel and focus what matters most for you.

$260 for the Full 2-Day Feminine Wisdom Weekend with Christine 

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And wait this gets even better… 
you will leave with practices that will keep you centered, calm, focused and in the flow, and connected to Wisdom
as you  create what is next for you.
Many times after attending a workshop or a weekend retreat, you go back into your life, and while you have changed, not everyone else has.  We’ve got your back! You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a community of people dedicated to living a life founded in feminine power, wisdom, harmony and fierce grace. 
This is an intimate and exclusive weekend retreat  so don’t delay in registering. The deepening to Wisdom starts the moment you register. We are looking forward to having a transformative and fun weekend with you.

What Others Experience from Working with Christine Arylo

Christine is a wise, smart, and vibrant teacher who really cares about the people she works with.Great sense of humor. Willing to share personal history. She really knows what she's talking about. 
-  Linda


My life feels much more focused and in control then it did before receiving these teachings. I can't thank Christine enough. 
-  Tabby, Williamsburg


About Christine Arylo
when people gather with intention, shift happens.
together, we have the power to create anything. 
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To step into the changes  and opportunities we each face in our work, relationships,  and ways of living and leading , we need access to more than our smart intellect and a few self-care  and mindfulness techniques can offer... 

We need access to a deeper well of wisdom within, and practices that keep us connected to that  Wisdom in embodied, practical and powerful ways. 

Christine has guided me to come into my own as a feminine leader and has given me practical tools to create my life from a place of wisdom, grounded intuition and passionate activism.   Christine fearlessly guided me to go beyond what I thought was possible to expand my vision of my self and purpose. This process is not for those who just want to paint inside the lines. Christine is like a personal trainer for catalyzing spiritual discovery, expansion, and manifestation in people who are ready to accept that possibility and make it real.   
- Karin Bauer, MBA, Ph.D. from CIIS, Angel Investor and Advisor

When I met Christine, I was torn between the life I knew, and the one I knew was possible, but had no idea how to create on my own. Christine has an uncanny ability to know what was needed during the times when I would resist making the change I wanted to make. Her ability to understand during those critical moments is what helped me make the shift I needed. She provided the right combination of wisdom, kindness and catalytic energy to help me emerge with the life I truly desired. - Claudine Woo, Startup Advisor, Storyteller, Scientist

The way Christine uses her intuition, spiritual connection and divine guidance, and presence is inspiring and amazing. I can always count on her to ZOOM right into the real deeper issue of what’s holding me back or see and reflect back the light and vision in me that I can’t put words on yet. She always holds me and sees me in my greatest potential, which reminds me of WHO I REALLY AM. Christine has taught me about the value and power of the feminine side of leadership and life. I honestly had no idea when I first started working with her that I had repressed that part of me so deeply. Working in corporate America for so long, moving up the ranks and then starting my own business, I only knew one way of succeeding. Now that I have cultivated the feminine side of leading, I work differently, I coach differently and leading is easier and so much more impactful.

- Jen Todd, CEO, Breakthrough Partners Inc. & Founder/Executive Director of the Women of Pokot & Value Girls Globally

Christine was loving, supportive and enthusiastic and very real. She was very grounded. And you could tell she really cared about us
-  Annie D. Washington


Super Powers for Staying Strong and True to Your Path in  Changing Times

It is  too easy to get caught up or lost in the chaos of the world - which none of us can afford right now. We are each being stretched to step forward and rise up to be the change we wish to see.    In many ways we feel up for the challenge, but the uncertainty and lack of clarity can make even the strongest among us waver – doubting ourselves, getting overwhelmed, and losing focus on what really matters.   

This is where feminine wisdom comes in…

The path + the practices + the power it provides can guide you to 
have the impact you desire in your work, and with the  people you love and lead,
without sacrificing your personal wellness & self sustainability.

Regardless of gender, it's our feminine wisdom  that has the power to give us the courage, clarity and confidence to step into the uncertainty and unknown to create new ways for how we live, work, lead and succeed, individually and as a culture.

Wisdom requires a Pause” – Alice Walker 

 The wisdom and tools you learn will be directly applied to the realms of your life calling for your focus now and calling you forth in new and expanded ways – be that your sacred work, your personal and professional relationships, your physical foundation of health, wealth and home, or your spiritual foundation and practice.  

I've designed this interactive, weekend immersion into feminine wisdom, to strengthen your ability to access your intuitive powers,  apply them to the choices you are facing as you complete 2018, and step into 2019, and learn a different way to work  and have the impact you desire, without depleting your life force or resources along the way. 

We'll work on all realms - mental, material, mystical, physical, emotional - 

to get you tapped in and tuned in. Not just for this weekend, but for the months and year ahead.

Step out of your day to day reality, for a weekend immersion in which you emerge with:


  • Focused and Fluid Feminine Wisdom Path for What’s Ahead for You - to guide and focus your life force and resources through the end of 2018 and into the first part of 2019, focused on what matters most to you, and make sure you receive the support you need on all realms.

  • Knowledge of the 6 Intuitive Wisdom Channels & Which Are Strongest for You – so you can deepen your practice of receiving, deciphering and trusting the subtle realms of inner guidance.

  • X-Ray of Your Internal Operating System & the Self-Sabotaging Patterns that Create Doubt, Distraction, Confusion, Fear  and Procrastination   --  we’ll reveal which of the 11 kinds of self-created overwhelm  drive you to fragment your energy and resources and block Wisdom from getting through.  

    Embodied Experience of   Marrying Your Intellect + Intuition  and Your Ability to Act  + Listen  so you can work wise, not hard   -  giving you access to your full spectrum of masculine and feminine power in how you work so you can stop pushing so hard, fragmenting your energy and giving more effort than is needed.

  • Personalized Daily Harmonizing "Bookend" Practices for staying centered, clear,   and focused -  that will support you to cultivate resilience, courage, compassion and clarity daily (and that you will love!) 

  • Feminine Way of Being  Productive & Supportive, Working in the Flow and Focused on What Matters vs. Pushing to Make it All Happen Now -  You'll learn to use the natural moon and earth cycles to plan your work, business and life, setting a pace that really does give you the super power to get alot done without exhausting yourself. 
  • Practices for Increasing Your Intuitive Connection  & Your Trust to Act on the Guidance You Receive - so you can keep your inner channel clear and open to receive and act on wisdom

Which is why we are gathering at California Institute of Integral Studies, in San Francisco, a place of learning and expanding possibility that bridges the intuitive and sacred with the practical and material  

Have Questions?   Reach out to my team at Love@Arylo.com 

There is another way to work and have the impact you desire that doesn't involve pushing so hard, depleting yourself, and feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. 

We've been trained to work in distorted ways based on a dominating, grow faster, grow more, do it all now culture that's not working for any of us. Feminine wisdom teaches us a different way  to achieve our intentions and  receive the support and resources we need.

Which means we have to re-train and re-wire ourselves  to access, strengthen and trust  a different way to live and lead,  rooted in our feminine wisdom.