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Upcoming Path of Self Love Programs 

If you'd love to expand the power & reach of your work and presence in the world, by learning how to masterfully guide others to love themselves in practical, powerful, and fun ways, then we'd love to invite you to read about our Self Love Teacher Training. If you're interested, it starts February 27. 

You can register just for the Spring session or apply for the full Training. If you have questions, reach out to Lea Guthrie at

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If you are feeling called to strengthen your self-love in real ways that last, so you can take care of yourself, trust yourself, and stay true to yourself, no matter what, we'd love to invite you to learn more about The Love Club, here.

The Love Club is where we spend a year guiding amazing women just like you through all the parts of self-love, strengthening each part, one by one – from self compassion to self care to self empowerment and self worth (all 10 branches).  

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This Class is offered by The Path of Self Love School - a school that supports women and girls to create strong inner foundations of courage, compassion, clarity, and confidence using the power of self-love. Founded by Christine Arylo, the school's programs have reached over 35,000 students, and the school has trained Self Love Guides on 6 continents.

The Path of Self Love School is committed to making the practice and path and tools of self love accessible to all people, so that within 3 generations we can create a world where all children are born connected to love and stay connected to love because they know how to source love from within.

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Welcome to Cultivating a Strong
Foundation of Self Love

from The Path of Self Love School 
Taught by Christine Arylo  

Learn Self Love. Teach Self Love. Master Self Love.

You'll receive:

  • A monthly daily practice that strengthens your ability to choose self-loving actions + thoughts over self-sabotaging habits + negative self talk.
  • A monthly teaching + meditation + experiential process that will give you more insight into yourself so you can make shift from the inside out.
  • Support + structure that makes sure you don’t forget about yourself in your busy life, including an optional community self love circle every month. 

If you have questions, reach out to Stacey Hoffer, Program Director at