The Art of Sacred Circle 
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Grow your great work and presence in the world 
 to be more VISIBLE and ACCESSIBLE, in community with other women leaders  using sacred wisdom applied to how we gather, teach and learn now.  

This transformational training and creative incubator starts  this November – 
the most potent time to begin 
incubating new ideas into form.

All the details are in the invitation, created by Christine Arylo, the leader of this collective of women daring to make shift happen, the feminine way.  

Read the invitation. 
If something stirs within you, reach out & let's talk or you can come back and register here.

When women come together with intention,

in sisterhood,

with open hearts..

our courage rises

our clarity sharpens

and we gain the super power

to make big shift happen

for ourselves, our work & the world

- Christine Arylo

The Art of Sacred Circle  - A collective of 12 Women Wisdom Teachers & Leaders
committed to creating an in-depth training, powerful incubator, and strong sisterhood

Led by Christine Arylo, with each teacher offering tools + wisdom it's taken a lifetime to cultivate.


Here's your Invitation to The Art of Sacred Circle Incubator & Transformational Training.
for women devoted to creating & leading powerful programs & gatherings,  that make shift happen, the feminine way 

We made you a beautiful invitation which you can view or download below.
Read the Invitation. Take it in. If something stirs within you, join us.
We start Nov 9th. 

We do this training only in the fall, as we go into the end of the year and start of the new, it's the perfect time to create the space to do the inner work to elevate your presence and work through the 
offering or program you create and make 2018... the incubator begins Nov 9th.

A  Message from Christine Arylo, creator of and lead teacher for The Art of Sacred Circle 

"When you intentionally create  your program as a "circle,"   applying   'sacred wisdom technology'  to   how  you design, invite and lead  this modern day offering, the experience you create is so much more powerful, transformational and  lasting . 

And you don't have to work so hard , 
because the structure does so much of the work for you.

Whatever idea or desire is stirring in you... the world needs what you have to offer now... and as women, we need each other to create in new ways that sustain our work, and ourselves. "

Press play to receive the message from Christine

We asked the women who went through this training and incubator in 2015 to share 
what they experienced and to reflect on how they are still today using the tools, techniques, and processes they learned to create and offer their work in the world. 
Here's what some of them said...  

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