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Self Love Super Power Socks

For the moments when you need a boost of compassion, courage and self-care, put your self-love socks on + 
activate your  inner 'super power' to stay true to yourself, trust yourself and care for yourself no matter what.  

Our Super Power Sock Campaign has now closed.
Thanks for your interest and we hope to run another campaign in 2018!

in honor of Self Love Day + the month of love we created these for you to super power your self-love throughout  the year

AND we also invite you to join us 
to give love to the 
tender hearts of children 
by keeping the thread of love alive.
When you have something you can put on your body that ignites the power of love, shift happens.

Invite those you love to get super power self love socks this February too + together let's keep the thread alive in our hearts and the hearts of children worldwide

Sponsored by The Path of Self Love School & 
the international movement of self-love

On a mission to serve 1 billion hearts the medicine and message of self-love. To make the teachings and practices of self love as accessible and applied as table salt :)  Our vision is that if we can teach self-love and make it as understood and embraced as self-esteem that within 3 generations we could create a world where every child born is born connected to love and stays connected to love no matter what they face in their lives... the thread of love stays alive.  

For every two pairs of socks you purchase (one for you + one to share) 
we will donate one pair to a child  .... so they can ignite their inner super power 
to stay connected to love + connected to themselves, no matter what

Order Your Self Love Super Power Socks Here + Plus some to Share

13 Days Only Available - through Feb 25th


We believe in the power of what we call "Heart Art" to get into the deep places within the human heart where fear, shame, loneliness, and self criticism can grow and take over if a person doesn't know how to find or feel the love we all need to feel safe, cared for and seen.  

The art through painting, expression, and through wearable items like self love super power socks give us something we can touch on our bodies or see with our eyes that ignites the power of love sourced from within (self love) to flow to the places in our hearts that could use a boost of courage and compassion.

We call these SUPER POWER self love socks, because when you put them on they give you power to stay true to yourself and source love for yourself no  matter what.

This February, the Path of Self Love School, founded by Christine Arylo, in collaboration with Belos Cavalos an equine experiential non profit, who also works to heal the hearts of children through horses and heart art (as seen here)... invite you to join us to keep the thread of love alive in children's lives who are facing big challenges and who could us some self love super power + to someone cares.  

For every 2 pairs of socks purchased in February, we will donate 1 pair to a local children's home and your love will be beamed to their hearts and together we can create a world where all beings feel loved. 


in partnership with Belos Cavalos - a non profit organization equine experiential organization and farm. Working with children who have had trauma due to neglect and abuse without resources or a voice to defend themselves,  is at the heart of what they do.

Order Your Super Power Self Love Socks - Click Here

1 for you.1 to share. 1 to show a child that someone really does care.

Available for 13 days through February 25th only