The Path of Self-Love 
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A Premier Training for Those Who Desire to Make a Bigger Difference by more masterfully and powerfully teaching and guiding others using the power of Self-Love.

Next Session Starts March 5th, 2019:
"Self Love & Relationships

 assess where people are weak and strong in self-love and prescribe and guide a path to cultivate a strong self-love foundation - creating circles, individualized coaching programs, workshops, and more.
• teach others how to choose self love in relationship - cultivate sovereignty, heal their hearts, open to love, and only create loving, respectful relationships. 

 transform self bullying, negative self-talk and self sabotaging habits into self-loving, self empowering actions

 teach women and girls how to trust themselves and follow the guidance of their inner wisdom
 guide others to create lives that align with their heart and soul's desires - to feel empowered 

the path + the practice + the processes & super power tools of self love 

assessments * exercises * language * creative processes

daily practices * powerful inquiries* coaching techniques *

group & individual program structures * workshop flows * rituals



Our intention is to reach 1 billion people with the message and experience of self love. So that within 3 generations we can live in a world where every child is born connected to love and stays connected to that love. 

We can't do this alone, which is why we share this body of self love work and training with others such as yourself so you can even more powerfully & visibly guide those you serve. Together, we can elevate the consciousness of this planet through the power of self-love, and it starts one heart at a time. First with yours. Then with every being you touch.

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For more than a decade, Christine has devoted her life to exploring, experimenting, and teaching self-love and as a result is why other transformational teachers & her students affectionately call her "the Queen of Self Love":

The Path of Self Love Training gives you access and mastery of some of the best self-love "technology" - the techniques, tools, processes and skills - that are tested and proven, so you can more masterfully and powerfully guide, coach, assess, teach and prescribe self-love to individuals or groups in practical, tangible, potent and fun ways that empower people to make self-loving choices in every area of their lives. 

There are 3 modules, most taught in 12 week segments, which you can take from anywhere in the world, that will give you the power to do things like: 


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A Message from Christine Arylo, founder of The Path of Self Love School  other transformational teachers have called "an illuminated path to self-love that makes self-love accessible to anyone."

Based on the tangible, proven and powerful 'self love technology' for assessing, coaching and guiding others that has been tested with over 35,000 worldwide created by Christine Arylo

Self Love is a Path, a Practice and a Choice. Based on the best-selling books and also on workshops and classes not written in any book. 

There are real, tangible ways to assess self-love, teach it and prescribe practices that shift a person from the inside out. We have the tools. We'd love to share them with you.

What Students are Saying About Their Path of Self Love Training

We are currently training women on 6 continents, of many backgrounds, races, communities, some who are teaching others already, others who desire to guide others at some point, and all who are using it on themselves and in their families and communities. We need a rainbow of people to get this self love medicine to the people. We'd love to connect with you! 

What Other Transformational Teachers Say 
About Christine Arylo + 
The Path of Self Love Technology

More than just the best-self love school on the planet, or a really powerful training, we are a self love movement on a mission to change the world, one heart at a time.

  "It's the best course to get the knowledge and skills to bring more self-love into your life and those around you."  

Andrea Kehrli, Teacher, Gossau Zurich, Switzerland

  "An intelligent, fun, creative & hands-on spiritual journey where one can celebrate self exploration of love and true sisterhood."

Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, Nutrition Coach, author, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

"My experience in this training has blown me away.  My spiritual
vocabulary has increased. I believe that if we cannot language a thing
than we are not fully equipped to transform it. I am so much more informed and able to share this wisdom with others.”

Linda Davenport, using the work within her family & with domestic violence survivors in Chicago 

"The Path of Self Love has altered my life profoundly.  I have been given an incredible amount of support from Christine and her team, as well as from the other women who have chosen to invest in themselves in this way.  I have been given a rich vocabulary, practices, and a full toolkit of strategies and tips to step into the world and say, "Hello, World, I am here!" The Medicine of Self Love is REAL and is desperately needed now, more than ever.  I am learning so much about how to love me just as I am and how to sustainably shine that light of love upon others.  I am thrilled to be in this training to be a Self Love Guide!"

- Juliet Kapsis, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Coach, Connecticut 

One of the Biggest Questions We Get Is This Training and Certification Program 
Only for Coaches, Teachers and Therapists?

What we hear from our students is that the experience, the container, the mentorship and the tools are leading to some of the biggest transformations they have experienced - both personally and professionally. We hold self-love as a medicine that we take in and live ourselves, making us so much more powerful in how we show up for our clients, beloveds, families and the people we reach through our very presence.

Some women do this training just for themselves and the people the love - to deepen their personal level of mastery with self-love and as a result use it for themselves and their families.  Using it for themselves and with their kids (boys and girls), their communities, even their 85 year old mothers.

Some do this training to expand their sacred work in the world and enable them to serve their people more powerfully - weaving the self-love technology into their modalities. PhDs, Therapists, Coaches, Doctors, Yoginis, Corporate Executives and Managers, Social Workers, Teachers, Non-Profit Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Actresses and more. Many different vocations, the common thread being the belief in the power of self love and the desire to be masterful at teaching and guiding it.

Other women use this training to be a catalyst for getting themselves and their work into the world more. This training and the circle of people in in is highly supportive and it stretches you to take self-love deeply into yourself at levels even therapists who have been using self love for decades say brought them deeper and opened them up.  

The Path of Self Love School is committed to being the best place to come and receiving training and transformation through the power of self-love. Lots of people talk about self-love but few have a technology that breaks it down to be so accessible and potent. We only do Self-Love with the intention of it become part of your powerful basket of technology the super powers your sacred work, professionally and personally.

You can contact our program director Lea Guthrie at with any questions.

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"illuminating + empowering + validating"
 - 2017 Student

The next session starts on March 5, 2019:  
Self Love & Relationships

Based on specialized tools, processes, assessments, workshops, language from the best-selling book, Choosing ME Before WE

We'd love to connect and learn more about your work in the world and how self-love can make your presence in this world more powerful and visible. This is more than a 'program,' this is a community of courageous people daring to share the message and medicine of self-love in practical, proven and potent ways. 

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 The Path of Self Love School

It's one thing to talk about self-love or share tips.
 But how do you practically & powerfully 
guide someone to love themselves? 
What are the steps? 
Where do you start? 
How do you focus?  

Self-love is both a practice & a path. 
It's a medicine that heals & frees people. 

People need a practical path, simple practices, and processes that get to the root of their lack of self-love where they can feel the transformations happening on the inside and see the shift happening on the outside in their relationships, career, well-being, body images, wealth, home & everything. 

Self-love is one of the foundations for everything in our lives.