An Inspirational & Intimate Event Taped on Self Love Day


Take the Bold Stand to End Your Negative Self-Talk & Choose Self-Love Talk!

Just like you'd give up any bad habit, imagine how much happier and successful you'd feel if you could give up that negative chatter and instead SUPPORT yourself, HONOR yourself, BELIEVE in yourself & GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to do what's best for YOU - that's self love talk!  Join people around the world - along with Christine Arylo self-love catalyst & guests. We have the best self-love tools and heart-powered inspiration, & are ready to share with you!  

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Self-Love Day is all about YOU re-committing to the most important relationship of your life -

The relationship with yourself

Join us for the Self Love Super Power Circle - recorded live on February 13th and:

  • Take the bold stand to give up negative self-talk this year (imagine how much happier & sucessful you'll feel!)
  • Take a self-love pulse check and see where you most need love - from yourself - this year (you'll love this!)
  • Meet your Inner Mean Girl or Dude & take back control (let's love that inner critic to death!)
  •   Get super power tools for transforming negative self-talk into empowering self-love talk (these work!)
    * Be inspired to take simple but mighty promises with yourself ( so you stay true to yourself no matter what)
  • Tap into the power of a global circle of others who get the power of love (together, anything is possible!)

Alone, that crazy, wily inner critic - you know fear, stress and doubt - will always triumph over you, but when people come together, in the name of love, armed with super powers, in community, SHIFT HAPPENS!



While many talk about self-love, Christine Arylo is affectionately known as the Queen of Self Love, for her breakthrough - practical, powerful and fun - approach to self-love. Her transformational techniques have helped people around the world to break self-love down in such a way you can see where you lack it, and then use simple ways to grow it in your day to day life. Her unique approach to transforming inner critics - a.k.a. Inner Mean Girls & Dudes - has helped over 30,000 people kick the habit of negative self-talk.

Christine Arylo, best-selling self-love catalyst, sharing some of her best self-love super power tools with you

Jami Lula & Michael Vincze opening your heart and inspiring your soul with empowering music & mantra .

Sound through uplifting, heart opening music has the power to get  to get us out of our heads and into our hearts like nothing else. We've got two extraordinary men who know how to beam the energy of love through song - you'll love singing along and tuning your body to the vibration of love. Come and receive mantras and tunes that will keep you connected to your commitment and love for yourself all year long!

Tap into the collecitve power of people who just like you know the power of love, and on this day stand together to take a bold stand to end negative self talk for all... imagine the world we can co-create by supporting each other to be kind - first of all to ourselves, and as a result have more love to give.

The inspirational spoken word and poetry of Mustafa "Effortless" Shakir and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

There is nothing like powerful words spoken with passion and wisdom and truth to get the fires of your own heart stoked, and your spirit fired up about truly living the life you came here to live. These words will lift you up... burn up the negative chatter... and stay with you all year long, true soul food served up by these two powerful poets of the spoken word.

A powerful circle of people from around the world - in person + via livestream... more is possible because we do this together!

Why Self-Love?

I, Christine Arylo, founded Self Love Day - which is now celebrated in 41 countries every year - eight years ago because it's now, at the start of the year, in this powerful month of love, on the day before we give love to others, that we dare to fill ourselves up first with love... dare to look inside and see where we need more love... and then just like we would be devoted to a best friend or a beloved, we stir up that level of devotion for ourselves.

Each year, people from around the world take vows with themselves that they keep all year long + we all take a collective vow to make a BIG SHIFT in an area of self-love that challenges us all. This year, we will take the collective vow to GIVE UP NEGATIVE SELF TALK! 

Join Us For This Inspiring Event -

Recorded via livestream! 

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A free video offering from Christine Arylo, founder of the international self-love movement 

It's Going to Be a SUPER POWERED, FUN, INSPIRATIONAL EVENING... just look what's happening


About your Guides & Artists

Christine Arylo, Inspirational Catalyst, Best-Selling Author & Founder of the Self-Love Movement

Christine Arylo is a transformational teacher and internationally recognized speaker and author. After earning her MBA from Kellogg and climbing the corporate ladder for fifteen years marketing big brands like The Gap and Frito-Lay, she chose to devote her life to creating a new reality for women and girls, one based on self-love and true feminine power instead of the relentless pursuit of having to do, be and have it all.

She is the author of two best-selling books, Choosing ME before WE and Madly in Love With Me, The Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend, and the soon to be released book Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself & Start Loving Yourself (April 2015). She is the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School which has helped over 30,000 people on 6 continents transform their inner critics, and the founder of the international day of self-love, February 13th (put it on your calendar), which in the past three years has helped host over 2000 self-empowering events for girls and women, and this year men!, in 31 countries. Christine has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, WGN, E!, in the Huffington Post, and on radio shows, spas, conferences and stages around the world, including TEDx. Her dedication earned her the affectionate title, ‘The Queen of Self-Love.’

Christine started her spiritual journey over fourteen years ago after she realized that while she had it all on the outside, she was bankrupt on the inside. She’s studied many spiritual traditions with master esoteric and mystical teachers, and has been initiated as a priestess in an ancient divine feminine tradition. After spending 10 years in the Bay Area, and the last two years as a spiritual gyspy traveling & teaching around the world, she recently set roots down  in Venice, California where she now lives with her soul partner Noah.

For more on Christine Arylo go to  and for more on the Self Love Movement go to

Jami Lula,  Inspirational Song Writer & Musician

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Transformational Visionary Artist, Founder of The Color of Woman and Intentional Creativity Movement

Shiloh Sophia lives live as a great adventure! She chooses to live from unreasonable love, ceaseless acts of creativity and to serve the world through revolutionary education. As a visionary artist and teacher she has dedicated the past twenty years of her to life art as a path of healing through painting, writing and teaching intentional creativity. At the core of her work is a belief that the right to self express is one of the most basic human rights – having access to what we think, feel, know, believe and want to create in our lives She is the founder of global transformational educational communities that meet online and in person including Cosmic Cowgirls University, a woman and girl owned school and publishing house, Color of Woman, A Teacher Training Certification Program and The Red Thread Nation, A Global Tribe of Creative beings.

Shiloh is a published author of over 7 books on creative expression, business as a visionary path and a book of poetry. You can learn more about Shiloh at



Featuring special musical & spoken word performances by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Jami Lula & Mustafa "Effortless" Shakir

We offer a special thank you to the sponsors of this event - Full Circle Venice & Shiloh Sophia Studios

Full Circle Venice is a non-profit community-based center located in the heart of Venice, CA, known for its diversity, open-mindedness, and creativity. They offer an experiential environment where people can creatively expand their social relations and connect with other members of their community. They are dedicated to practicing the soul values of generosity, freedom and equality, recognizing that an infinite field of possibility remains in which we can responsibly, imaginatively, and freely co-create our future together. They believe that... "By developing compassion and integrity within ourselves we can reinforce these qualities through programs that empower the public and enrich the self. This is our goal.”  And that is what self-love day is all about!  

Shiloh Sophia Studios is an international creative epi-center that founded the international creativity movement to educate, inspire and guide people to expressing the legend of their lives through committing art. Founded and run by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, a transformational artist and poet, Shiloh Sophia Studios hosts livestream events every month. Shiloh Sophia has been involved in Self Love Day for many years in many ways, and we are honored that this year her poem YOU ARE SO ENOUGH! was selected as the official 2015 Self love Poem! (she will be performing it live at the event!)  

Jami Lula dedicates his voice through soulful singing and uplifting themes. As a vocalist, musician and teacher Jami Lula is striving to perform music that is uplifting, healing, heart opening and inspiring and that spreads a powerful message of love and positive intention. Jami Lula was the leader of the band LULA for 10 years, releasing two records, Waiting and Live Groove, on Circle Up Records. Praise around the band's success was highlighted by the L.A. Music Awards nominating Jami as Best Vocalist of the year in 1996-97; he accepted the award in 1997. In the area of live performance, rave reviews have come from the L.A. Times, The Album Network and the Whole Life Times. As a soloist or with his band, Jami has been musically supporting a number of charitable organizations including the Special Olympics, AA, Project Angel Food, and Hope for Abused Women Foundation. LULA's music has been featured in the film Student Body and on TV’s The Jeff Foxworthy Show, and showcased at EATM and on a number of AOR and Adult Alternative radio stations.

Mustafa "Effortless" Shakir, Spoken Word Artist, YOUNIVERSE & The Love Mob

Mustafa “Effortless” Shakir says that the term “renaissance man” is passé and that we should all refer to him as a “polymath,” the consummate hyphenate artist extraordinaire. Raised in Harlem during the 80’s and 90’s, he found himself drawn to the many art forms around him, pooling inspiration from hip hop, dance, culture, film, photography, fashion, philosophy etc. “I’ve been writing since I can remember being able to hold a pen, my mother was always writing something so I guess I took suite.” Poetry came naturally to Mustafa who has used the written word to process his emotional impressions growing up. Poetry led to rapping and three albums to date HolyWar, Chameleon, and DIEMIND: god the carbon copy.

What is closet to his heart is The Love Mob, an organization he founded with two other lights, whose goal is the reconnect 3.7 billions people to the power of love and community through Organized Acts of Love. Founded in 2012 TLM has been involved in initiatives ranging from flash mobs for a purpose to campaign support for Marianne Williamson’s bid for congress. You can learn more about Mustafa at

There is nothing more powerful than a person who chooses LOVE - most of all for themselves...  for full of love within, we can give so much more love to others.     - Christine Arylo

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