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not as in dominating macho

or self sacrificing martyr

or tireless machine

but strong in your core

staying true to yourself 

trusting yourself 

receiving what you need to be supported as you give and take care of so much 

because if we desire to create the worlds, families, lives, realities we know are possible, then we must ensure our hearts, bodies, minds, and spirits are strong enough for the journey ahead.

2017 copyright Christine Arylo and The Path of Self Love

Receive Access to a powerful ritual to root yourself in the promises you need to trust and stay true to yourself no matter what this year... using the super power from the 10th annual international
Self Love Day - February 13th!


S - Speak your truth + stay connected

T - Trust yourself 

R - Rest + Replenish

- Own your power + play your part 

N - Nourish your heart & soul desires

G - Give & Receive

Our 2017 Self-Love Mantra  is STAY STRONG

Every Self Love Day (the day before Valentines Day, get it ?) for the last 10 years people around the world - over 41 countries, 6 continents - take a "power pause" to tune into themselves  + 
take a set of 'self-love promises' that the keep for the full year to give them the 'super power' 
and strength to trust themselves, stay true to themselves and take care of themselves no matter what, 
so they can more powerfully give to all that they care about and love.  

In this special Feminine Super Power Salon, join Christine Arylo, founder of the Path of Self Love School, feminine leadership advisor and transformational teacher who other teachers call "the Queen of Self Love" for her dedication to making self-love an accessible, tangible, practical, powerful and fun path and practice that gets to the ROOTS under so many of the challenges we face as individuals and a culture to: 

  • Identify where your self love foundation is weak and strong and where to most focus your 'inner work' this year to stay strong
  • Receive wisdom about how to STAY STRONG in a feminine way where you can be compassionate and fierce, open and focused, giving and receiving in balance
  • Claim for yourself a powerful set of self love promises that will support you to stay strong - clear, focused, true - this coming year no matter what is swirling on the outside
  • Create a "STAY STRONG" mantra "heart art" poster that keeps you committed to YOURSELF and WHAT MATTERS MOST this coming year

In intense, uncertain and ever changing times one of the wisest choices you can make is to turn within and CHOOSE what you stand for, what you are connected to, and how you will stay strong - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. On this night, a day of super power for self-love so we can LOVE more to other, we gather. Join us. 

When people gather with intention SHIFT happens. 

We will need each other to STAY STRONG. Pollinate the Love by 
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Sponsored by The Path of Self Love School & 
the international movement of self-love

On a mission to serve 1 billion hearts the medicine and message of self-love. To make the teachings and practices of self love as accessible and applied as table salt :)  Our vision is that if we can teach self-love and make it as understood and embraced as self-esteem that within 3 generations we could create a world where every child born is born connected to love and stays connected to love no matter what they face in their lives... the thread of love stays alive.  

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