Educate People On What Self Love Is... and how to tell where you have it and where you need it - blog, social network, whatever inspires you
As a Self Love Ambassador you will get early access to the official Self Love Pulse check that measures people's self-love based on the 'five gates of self-love' that a person must pass through to gain self love mastery. Once you determine where you need the love, you can focus on making a self love promise that will help you get it! This free self love pulse check will be available to share.  We will also share fun posters, art and stuff to share, and connect with you on the self love social network waves to share what you're doing.

What are the Self Love Ambassadors Igniting this February? 

Yes! Include me as a Self Love Ambassador for February 2016

By sharing this info with us, you can rest knowing we will only contact you about Self Love Ambassador activity & special messages from Christine Arylo, the founder of the self-love movement and day. 

Host Self Love Circles & Parties - we made you a special Self Love Circle Guide 
Every year in over 41 countries people gather their friends, families, tribes, and communities for simple but mighty self-love circles and parties during the month of February. These are fun and powerful ways to connect with those you love and to offer ways for women, girls and even brave boys and men to connect. We made a guide with circle flows, fun self love adventures and more that you will receive as a Self Love Ambassador.
Be part of a Community of Others who Believe in the Power of Self Love 
When you are out there on the cutting edge, talking about and sharing the power of things like self-love (which is still defined as conceit and vanity in the dictionary), it can FEEL SO GOOD to be part of a circle of others like you. We have been holding the torch for self love as a movement for almost a decade now, and have been making great inroads to changing human consciousnes to embrace self-love, including teaching self love in schools and prisons, and also working to validate a self-love asssement that can be used by therapists as others as an diagnostic tool. We know you have great things going on as well, and so we'd love to stay connected with you in this 'self love web' - a self love sisterhood of sorts (men welcome too!) - and help you connect to others. You'll be invited to a special community private facebook site for Self Love Movement and Foundation. 

Sign up above to be part of this circle of Self Love Ambassdors -

it's free, all love, all community, elevating hearts around the world.

Our mission is to make self love something that is embraced, celebrated, taught and practiced around the world, as a mainstream way of life. So that every child born is born connected to love and stays connected to that love.  

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Join Christine Arylo & the International Self Love Movement by becoming a Self-Love Ambassador this February... Be part of a circle of beings who believe in the power of self-love & are daring enough to share the message of self-love with the world. It's free... and all about the power of intention, circle and love coming together. We are calling the circle, join us! 

This is the 9th year that Christine Arylo (affectionately known as the Queen of Self Love) & self love ambassadors from around the world have gathered their love forces to bring more awareness to self-love and to make self-love something practical, fun and empowering people can take action on. Every year in February, in addition to doing educational campaigns full of art, posters, poetry, videos and more, we invite people to take one self-love promise they will keep all year based on the places and ways they most need to strengthen self love.   

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