SACRED PARTNERSHIP: What It Takes, the Big Mistakes, & the Wisdom We've Learned Along the Way

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Sacred, Supportive, Loving, Respectful, Connected, Dynamic, Soulful, Vibrant Partnerships...

You know all that soul mate stuff and happily ever after stories that tell you that if you find "the one" or you promise to love each other "forever" that you've made it - you will be happy, loved and cared for for all your life now? Uh, not actually true. We've found that falling in love is the easy part. Letting the other person fully in...choosing a person who can actually be a partner...growing the love in ways that inspire you both to grow...navigating your differences without making each other wrong...using your differences to create a stronger partnership...staying true to yourself inside of a relationship... being best friends for real...not letting a busy life and responsibilities suffocate your connection...choosing love and respect over fear and blame when you fight...being with the hard stuff and using it to create stronger bonds instead of tearing your relationship apart... Now that's where we have found that sacred partnership either flourishes or falters.

We feel so grateful for the tools and insights we've gained as a result of the experiences we've had together, that we wanted to share them with others who too desire to have deep, soulful partnerships but like us weren't given the tools or the truth on what that takes. We can't wait to share with you some of the gold nuggets we've received!

Our Marriage Mantras


We've lived by two foundational mantras that have kept our marriage strong even in the hardest times (including Noah's stroke, Christine leaving her high paying job without a safety net, and short selling a house to follow our dream life). Like sacred tethers, they've kept us grounded in love no matter what storm we've faced. We'll share them with you - mantras are transferable :)

I Love You & I Won't Sacrifice Myself for You

We've both done the co-dependent thing. We watched so many people lose themselves in relationship. Or give up on their dreams and sacrifice their heart's desires. Neither of us wanted to do that dance again. The rings we wear reflect the promises we've made to stay true to ourselves first and in that find the path to creating even more together. This is a sacred equation we can't wait to share!

Let's Dream - Together

We decided early that we didn't want to get stuck in a relationship whose purpose became about paying the bills, going to work and living like two ships passing in the night. We wanted to create lives that served bigger purposes and inspired us each to our greatness - truly a team.  Couples who dream together stay together - and there are practical, inspiring and fun ways to do that..

Sometimes you make me crazy!!!

We are different people who do things differently and come into relationships with triggers that have nothing to do with the other. We've been praticing how to 'fight fun and fight fair' so that when conflict arises we don't tear each other apart, but instead deepen our connection. We'll share simple but mighty techniques we use to turn charged conflict into more love - we even used some when making this invitation for you :)

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We broadcasted this live on the Full Moon which is a great time for expanding your capacity to create more love in your life. Whether you are married, single, dating or in a partnership, if you'd love some insight and tools to create a sacred partnership you love, we'd love to share what we've learned. It is an inspiring and entertaining event - men and women invited!

Plus , we'll also send you a copy of the Love Treaty that we signed years ago to help us keep the peace (good idea!).  And we'll also share with you more about what we've uncovered as the foundation of our sacred partnership and seen in others - we call them the 4 Pillars of Sacred Partnership.

Join Us! - $33

We'd love to share with as many people as we can - and would so appreciate you sharing the love. We really believe that if we all had the tools for creating more love in our partnerships we could spend our energy doing what we love, giving to the people we love and creating a better world. Relationships can either be the wind beneath your wings to soar or the anchor around your neck that keeps you weighed down and distracted. Let's create more sacred partnerships, together!

About Christine Arylo & Noah Martin

Christine Arylo is a transformational teacher, internationally recognized speaker and three-time best selling author. After earning her MBA and climbing the corporate ladder for fifteen years marketing big brands like The Gap and Frito-Lay, she chose to devote her life to creating a new reality for herself and the world, one based on freedom, fierce love and unconditional self-love instead of the relentless pursuit and unsustainable pressure of having to do, be and have it all. Her insights, fresh perspectives and daring take on love, in all its forms, have been featured on TV and radio stations across the country, in the top spas and retreat centers in the world, and in colleges and corporations throughout America - including TEDx, The Gap, and Huffington Post. She is the founder of the self-love foundation, a movement that has brought more self-love awareness and education to children, women and men in 41 countries around the world. Christine regularly hosts full moon salons and events as a way to illluminate new elevated and expanded ways of living. and

We are so looking forward to sharing with you - we promise it will be fun, entertaining, and enlightening!


with love,

Christine & Noah






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An enlightening, entertaining & inspiring evening with best-selling author Christine Arylo & her soul partner Noah Martin

Video & Audio Session recorded live, watch anytime + a copy of the "Love Treaty"


Noah Martin is a master at helping couples see and release the invisible barriers they create to keep them from the love, friendship and intimacy they signed up for. Born and raised in the Midwest, he's had a innate knack for navigating relationships ever since he can remember (including helping his mother navigate office politics as young as the age of 8.) Noah left his analytical corporate consulting career in 2011 to work along with his partner in life and business Christine Arylo, including living and working from all over the world the past three years. Noah’s mix of the analytical and the spiritual, and his non-traditional training — he has a powerful tool box including Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and Mystical Shamanism – coupled with his more traditional experience – as a trained relationship coach and successful creator of a 14-year relationship that gets better every day — has made him a valuable ally for both men and women who want to create strong partnerships where both people can thrive.

SACRED PARTNERSHIP WITH CHRISTINE  & NOAH  - Video & Audio Session Taped Live, Watch or Listen to Anytime 

We just celebrated our 10th anniversary and were reflecting back on all we've learned - about ourselves, about creating a life together, about the reality of love and partnership. And WOW! We realized how poorly trained and prepped we were when we started. There was no handbook.

Luckily, while we didn't know it at the time, along the way we put some simple but mighty pilllars into place that formed the foundation for what we needed to grow a marriage and build a life where we are more in love, more in partnership and more our full selves than ever. True soul partners.

We invite you to join us for an enlightening and entertaining evening where we'll pull back the curtains, open up our hearts and share honestly with humor about what we've gained on this wild ride we call our sacred partnership.  It's not always been easy, but it's never been boring, and it is truly one of the best parts of each of our lives.