The Art of Sacred Circle 
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Whether you've been leading or teaching others for years, or this will be  your first offering...

Claim Your Space in the Art of Sacred Circle Training & Incubator!

We only do this training once a year.

Registration closes on Sunday, Nov 25th. Enroll Today!  
And then we will gather on Nov. 29th for our first live session.  


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Do you have a desire to create and lead powerful programs, circles 
or gatherings  that expand your   work & elevate your presence in the world? 

Would you love to receive support, structure, space, sisterhood & sacred wisdom 
to bring your idea from a seed within you into a gathering you can hold now, this year, as well as an offering you can birth in the spring of 2019?

Get your work and presence more VISIBLE and ACCESSIBLE, now.

An in-depth training, creative incubator & accelerator for designing, offering & delivering transformational programs trainings, workshops, retreats, circles, gatherings & events... in ways that make shift happen, the feminine way.

MBA, Feminine Leadership Advisor
Wisdom Teacher & Creator of Art of Sacred Circle