The Art of Sacred Circle 
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When women come together
with intention 
in sisterhood
committed to themselves,  
their work and each other

- Christine Arylo

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Whether you've been leading or teaching others for years,  or this will be  your first offering...  

You're Invited to The Art of Sacred Circle starting on Nov 9th
An in-depth  training, creative incubator &  accelerator 
for designing, offering and delivering   transformational programs, trainings, workshops, retreats, circles, gatherings  & events  ... in ways that make shift happen, the feminine way.

We do this training only in the fall, as we go into the end of the year and start of the new.
 It's the perfect time to create the space to do the inner work to elevate your presence and work 
through the  offering or program you create and make 2018. 
The incubator begins Nov 9th... 

We'll be in circle on Nov 2nd... 
Hope to see you there!

Do you have a desire to create and lead  new powerful programs 
and gatherings   that expand your    work & elevate your presence in the world? 

Would you love  to receive  support, structure,  space, sisterhood & sacred wisdom 
to    bring   your idea from a seed to a fully formed offering by 2018?

The women who are coming to this incubator, training, and mentorship
have diverse backgrounds, serve different beloveds, and have different bodies of work, 
and are each committed to birthing their offering in sisterhood.
We begin Nov 9th - the perfect time for incubating!   

And we have a special activation session this week  - that you are invited to...

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The Art of Sacred Circle, created and led by Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, MBA and wisdom teacher, is an offering created in the feminine model of collaboration. It features 11 different teachers, each with a special expertise she's spent a lifetime cultivating, and shares with others through her sacred work. Together, our intention is to provide the most potent incubator and powerful training we can for those called to create, offer and lead experiences that bring people together to facilitate deeper levels of learning, transformation, and connection.

We believe people need people like you to share your wisdom & experiences, 
create powerful spaces for transformation, 
bringing others together in ways that connect them with each other    
and empower them in their work, relationships & lives. 

We believe in  applying SACRED FEMININE WISDOM 
to what we create and how we operate...

Using timeless tools modified for how we gather & teach people now,
tapping into our deeper wells of individual and collective wisdom & 
working in collaboration to design, invite, offer and deliver experiences 
that not only change the world, but also support us as women.  

We desire to support you to get your work and presence 
to be more VISIBLE and ACCESSIBLE, now.

In forms that...

 Expand your leadership & impact with those you are called to serve, 
at this stage of your work, and enable you to reach & teach more people, at the same time, 
so you can grow your work in ways that sustain, not drain you.

We believe  you have special 'super powers' to serve the people  
you uniquely feel called to gather now... 
In many ways, you've been training your entire life for this time.

The time is now for each of us to step out, and offer our work and presence in new forms,
 to be part of the big shift needed at this time in our world.  
And we do not have to take that step alone.