Overwhelmed. Depleted. Too Much to Do. Not Enough Space for You.  

Something has to give and change. 


there are simple things you can do in your daily life to make a big difference 

We want to be successful, make a difference in this world, speak up, be courageous,
take care of those we love + what matters most, including ourselves, 
but there's not enough 'time.' and we already feel stretched to capacity.  
Running on half a tank. Crabby. Crashing. Critical (mostly of ourselves). 
Confused as to how to shift the pace & pressure of our lives.

And yet still feeling that there is so much more we want to do, feel called to do, need to do... 
I think we all want to feel vital, energized, calm, centered, compassionate, strong, radiant. 
Meet our life with Grace, move with the Flow, show up powerfully + fully,  
Focus on what matters most. 
And still have space for ourselves so we can rest & restore, without guilt or fear. 
The reason we fail is not for lack of trying to find balance...
We lack the wisdom, practices & tools we need to navigate modern life.
We keep trying to treat the symptoms and "manage" stress instead of get to the root and beat it.
 No weekly yoga class or daily green drink can solve what we face today as women.
 The outside world isn't slowing down. The demands aren't going to stop tugging on us. 
We have to 'do' our lives differently. 
We need spiritual + physical super powers and practices. 
 The key is to focus on what you can shift - your internal operating system. 
Learn Ancient Practices Modified for your Modern Life.


That have the super power to transform burnout & overwhelm into balance & harmony, and give you access to more clarity, vitality, and physical, spiritual, & emotional strength. 
Over the 40 days, we will uncover your personal "Burnout Blueprint" & rewire your internal O/S (operating system) to programs set to Balance and Harmony. We will address the root causes of pressure and overwhelm and you'll leave with a "Balance Backpack" of simple rituals and practices you can use in your daily life. 40 days is enough time the yogis and scientists agree to break sabotaging habits and install new neural pathways and ways of being and doing that can make shift that sticks. 
You will complete the practice knowing:
  • Your Internal Operating System's personal "Balance & Burnout Blueprint" - You'll get an X RAY of what is running your 5 inner operating realms - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational - causing you to OVER give, work, & do and UNDER receive & replenish, creating stress and overwhelm. 

  • Your "Out of Balance" warning signals & sabotaging tendencies - so you can interrupt the exhaustion, stressed out and OVER doing/giving/efforting cycle before it drains and depletes you. Your sabotaging tendencies will rise to the surface so you can see them, and together, we can shift them into BALANCE.

  • Your Unique "Stress Personality" & how it helps you and harms you, empowering you to RESPOND as the woman you desire to be instead of REACTING from fear or stress - gain insight into two different personalities you have inside that determine if you meet stress with victory & Grace or in ways that sabotage you. 


  • How to Expand your Capacity & Energy without having to sacrifice yourself -  Rewrite a new equation for what material success + personal happiness + vibrant health + spiritual & emotional & love wealth looks like for you


  • The Yogic Science behind how your mind, body and spirit works together, so you can have more mastery over your own system  - this is stuff you didn't learn in health class but every woman ought to know

  • Your Personal Recipes for feeling more energized, vital, centered, cared for and supported on a daily, monthly & yearly basis, where your life feels in harmony - learn what is most supportive of you getting what you need, and put new structures and rituals and practices in place. 

  • Your Current Pressure Profile. Identify the pressure you can control,  and let go of what you can't -  leading to small changes that create a big impact in your personal sustainability and happiness.

  • How to "Feed the Feminine First" - how to get what you need emotionally & physically & spiritually everyday, even if you have 5 goats, 3 kids and have the job of master manager of the universe  


Plus you will leave with a "Balance Backpack" - 

I'll share simple practices & rituals that give you 'super powers' including:

3-11 minute meditations

simple mantras 

rituals for waking up in harmony

rituals for restoring at night

rituals for creating more space in your life

practices for restoring energy

practices for transforming anxiety & stress

ways to keep you centered, in just a few minutes

simple ways to prevent the burnout



What people say about putting this sacred technology to use in their daily lives 
I designed the practice to support your life... it's not another "to do"... this an experience that supports you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Thank You for the Tools to Bring Self Love into Form.

After  three weeks of doing my morning practices everyday, the Harmony Breaks and other "small but mighty" practices, I got a shocking and visceral realization of how much I neglect myself on a physical care. Then I felt a huge leap in self-love by choosing to do all the "inner work", one small thing at a time. 



I am very much a Type A Corporate Person. This was different for me, & I loved it!

I really enjoyed the daily emails and learning. I strengthened my daily meditation practice over the 40 days…previously I only did it on the weekend and now I can’t imagine starting the day without tuning into myself and my Inner Wisdom.







What others say about taking a 40-day practice
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1-Payment of $233 
3-Payments of $83
Let's release the pressure & stress and create a more sustainable rhythm for your life, together
Powerful. Potent. & Fun. 

Copyright © 2017 Christine Arylo & Expanding Possibility LLC 

Change your habits. Change your life.

"If we are going to create the world we desire during these intense + changing times, we need stronger physical + spiritual practices to keep  us clear + full of life force. Depleted and scattered, you diminish your power. Focused and centered you become a more powerful presence in all parts of your life (and you FEEL supported as well as strong)." - Christine Arylo 

Join me & others around the world for a transformational experience that makes shift immediately in your every day life. More calm, clarity, radiance, grace, space inside of you, no matter what emerges on the outside. That's feminine power.  

Join me for this 40-day practice & together you will

Structure + Support + Sisterhood = Success 

Your life will be the playground where the awareness and shift occur.

Simple delivery. Simple focus. Mighty Impact. 

Here's how it works:


  • WEEKLY FOCUSES: Weekly you tune into a recorded "Harmony Session" with me  - via video or audio  - where we go deeper in one of the 5 realms of your internal operating system & focus on that for 7 days, so you can experiment inside your life (physical, then emotional, mental, spiritual and relational). On each session, I'll share:
    • ancient WISDOM modified for modern life to set up your focus for the week +  
    • a super power DAILY PRACTICE you can incorporate in your life to support you +
    • a HEART & SOUL INQUIRY for the week that make what you are learning personal to you + 
    • a written "BALANCE BOOKLET" outlining the focus for the week, so you have something easy to refer to and keep you motivated +
    • a short pause to REFLECT and CELEBRATE your progress, giving you the motivation to stay committed to yourself 
  • DAILY LOVE LETTERS FROM ME: You'll receive a "Harmony Boost" from me in your inbox to guide you through the week's exploration, the inquiries & experiment with new practices and rituals - Stress Releasers, Harmony Breaks, Vitality Boosters.  People LOVE getting these daily boosts from me; they say it's the thing they miss the most when we finish a 40-day practice. 
  • PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY: You'll get access to a private online community to tap into the group power energy (optional) + access to all information, practices and recordings (on a members only website). You can do this all from your smart phone, home and/or computer or tablet. 


You don’t need a lot of extra time for a 40-day practice to work, it’s all about the simple, short but mighty practices you’ll do in 11 minutes or less everyday. And then, with our support, held in a circle of women from around the world with a common intention, you gain awarenesses and make shifts you never would on your own.


Ancient sages predicted this would be a time when we faced levels of pressure and stress our internal systems were not prepared to handle. In this practice, we'll elevate your 'internal operating system' & you'll learn simple but mighty techniques for increasing your energy, clarity, calm, and centeredness on the inside, even in the midst of a busy life. Establish new norms where success & taking care of what you love includes, instead of sacrifices, your personal happiness & health. 

Then you definitely want to sign up! This 40-Day practice was created to get you out of the Busy Mode, even if your life stays full of things you love. Your schedule will never open up or slow down until you shift on the inside.  I'll share with you how to put the wisdom and tools into action and transform your life right now—you really don’t have to work so hard and give so much, you can bring your life into a better rhythm and harmony for yourself.

What if I start but can't finish the 40 days?


As a participant in this 40-day practice, you’ll have access to all the materials for 4 months. You can repeat the 40 days as many times as you want on your own. Lots of people go through the practice again. And best thing is that even if you miss a few days, you don’t have to go back, you can just start where you are. No stress, remember.

What if I don't like it and want to cancel? 


We of course hope you will love it and choose to give this to yourself. And sometimes things don't work out. So if you show up, do what we ask, and it's not for you, you can cancel your participation and receive a refund (minus 10% handling fee), within 15 days of the course start, no questions asked. 

Restore & replenish your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical tanks right from your daily life. 
We'll be here for YOU so you don't forget yourself.  

The Structure Was Great!  

I loved the weekly sessions, connecting with other women and listening to the wisdom. I took away that self-love is my birthright, it is not selfish, and I need to put myself first before I can take care of others in my life.


I could listen in from Australia and play it over & over reinforcing the messages for me, making it accessible, encouraging and fun!

I loved the reminders of “how to ” stay focused on myself. The daily emails kept me on track everyday, I loved receiving them! Christine’s heart-centered approach was felt across the world.


Your 40-day Super Power Practice Includes:
  • Full 40-day "From Burnout to Balance" Practice with Christine Arylo.
  • Personal Burnout & Balance Blue-Print like an X-ray of your internal operating system
  • Structure and practices to guide you, hold you and support you to gain insights and shift 
  • Weekly "Harmony Sessions" with Christine  (recorded - watch via video or list to audio only)
  • Short but Mighty Daily Balance Boosts/Stress Relievers/Vitality Generators  (you'll love these) 
  • Simple Practices, Rituals, Meditations, Inquiries you'll be able to use forever 
  • Weekly "Balance Booklets" with simple outline for the focus for the week to keep you focused on you
  • Community and Sisterhood (Optional) access to members only Private Online Community for connecting 
  • Online site to access all recordings & information shared- including recordings of all sessions, meditations, practices, etc. 
  • Access to take this 40-day Practice again for four months 
Claim your spot now. I'd LOVE to spend these 40 days with you & hold space for YOU!  
I have been doing and teaching 40-day practices for almost a decade because they are simple yet create profound shifts. They give me access to information about my tendencies, habits, beliefs, and needs that was previously unseen in my subconscious, and bring it to my conscious awareness so I can make different choices.
Imagine being in the energy of women around the world taking a stand to end burnout and create lives that support & sustain them and their families, including yours. the shift starts inside of you. 
See you there. xo Christine 

For less than $5 a day invested in yourself.  


About Me, Christine Arylo, Your Guide for these 40-Days 

Christine Arylo is a feminine leadership advisor, transformational teacher, internationally recognized speaker and three-time best selling author. After earning her MBA and climbing the corporate ladder for fifteen years marketing big brands like The Gap and Frito-Lay, she chose to devote her life to creating a new reality for herself and the world, one based on freedom, true feminine power and unconditional self-love instead of the relentless pursuit and unsustainable pressure of having to do, be and have it all. 

Her insights, fresh perspectives have been featured on TV and radio stations across the country, in the top spas and retreat centers in the world, and in colleges and corporations throughout America - including TEDx, The Gap, and Huffington Post. 
For more than a decade she has been a catalyst, spiritual mentor, and leadership advisor for women and men around the world. Over 35,000 people have participated in and benefited from the transformational programs she offers both virtually and in person.   
Christine has trained extensively with master spiritual teachers in many traditions including the divine feminine, native american, metaphysics and ancient yogic teachings. She is a certified kundalini yoga and meditation teacher specializing in Vitality and Stress. 
Arylo is also the founder of the Path of Self Love School, a movement that has brought more self-love awareness and education to children, women and men in 41 countries around the world. 
Christine regularly hosts  full moon salons, podcasts, one day retreats, and spiritual pilgrimages as a way to illluminate new elevated and expanded ways of living. 

Fun fact, Christine spent 3-years living and working from around the world with her soul partner Noah, a dream they co-created together. Noah and Christine also work with couples to create sacred partnerships where both individuals thrive. They now reside in Valley of the Moon, Northern California Wine Country. 
For more on Christine check out her Feminine Power Time podcast at www.FemininePowerTime.com or  www.ChristineArylo.com.  
when women gather with intention, shift happens.
together, we have the power to create anything. 


What if I go on vacation or have to travel?

This 40-Day Super Power Practice goes wherever you go! You can participate from anywhere in the world, as long as you can access your email. And even if you can’t, you still have your daily practices to keep you consistent, and you can listen to any of the session on the plane (or the beach!)

If you have a question not answered here, you can contact us at love@arylo.com & my team will get back to you within 48 hours.  

You cannot shift what you cannot see.

If you want different results, you need to reveal the deeper roots of what's directing your internal operating system. 

This is called a 40-day practice because while you will learn new things, this is not about overwhelming you with information. It's about putting new rituals, structures, practices and wisdom into use in your life that support you.

It's about being in a 'transformational container' for a defined period of time, with others with a similar intention, that gives you 'super power' to see patterns inside yourself that are operating under the surface & 
make internal shifts you'd have a hard time making on your own.   


  • Release stress, transform anxiety, clear your mind, & focus your thoughts
  • Face pressure filled situations with grace  - stay clear and strong and centered 
  • Increase your energy levels and reserves - have energy to meet your life with vitality & victory
  • Maintain your energy throughout the day - stop the energy swings & unhealthy habits 
  • Stop stressing about time, and create space for yourself without feeling guilty or like you will fall behind
  • Say NO to things that don't serve you, and stop piling things or people on your plate  
  • Discern between what's important to do now and what can wait 
  • Develop a consistent Daily Practice that centers you & keeps you connected to your inner guidance
  • Learn to spend your energy in ways that give better returns
  • Feel good about all you are doing, so you can stop pressuring & criticizing yourself 
  • Take care of and replenish yourself, even in the midst of a full life slow down without freaking out 
  • Thrive in your career, relationships, wealth & health without having to push so hard 
  • Gain more faith and strength to follow, surrender & trust the Divine flow more   


Be led through a transformational experience that gives you insights into yourself, tools for decreasing stress and increasing vitality, and access to ancient wisdom based on divine feminine & yogic technology that you can apply to your modern life & gain the super power to:

more flow, less force  * less pressure, more patience  * less stress, more space *

less exhaustion, more sustainability *  less hurry, more harmony 

"Supportive, Safe, Opened New Possibilities"
-  Jona, Netherlands  (2016 Participant)

"I can't thank Christine enough. My life feels much more focused and in control then it did before this program. Christine is a  wise, smart, and vibrant teacher. She really knows what she is talking about."  - Linda, April 2016 Participant 



"Christine was loving, supportive and enthusiastic and very real. She was very grounded. And you could tell she really cared about us."-
 Annie D. Washington. 2016 Participant 

What if I have a busy schedule?


I made you a video as my personal invitation to you & included all the details below. Watch. Read. & Join us.

Let's create a more SUSTAINABLE, less STRESSFUL, rhythm for your life - so you have 
the strength, clarity + stamina to take care of what + who you love, including yourself ! 

From what I am seeing among women around the world, if we don't find a new equation for doing and serving what we love and believe in, we won't have the energy, strength or clarity we need to thrive + succeed. Here's what I am noticing, see if this resonates with you: 

Register Now and Begin Your 40 Day Practice

1-Payment of $233  
3-Payments of $83

"Christine is amazing! I loved her upbeat, fun, magical attitude!!! She has so much knowledge and wisdom and encourages us to listen to our inner wisdom." 
-  Katie, Canada 2016 Participant 

What Women who did this Practice in 2016 Say About their Transformation Process + What They Received

I thought the structure was excellent. The content was varied too and I liked the mix of practices. I now know how to never serve from my reserves and to respond rather than react in situations. I see why I over give and the cost. I have a backpack of practices, from mantras to breathing techniques to my evening 'downshifting' rituals.

 – Nicola, United Kingdom 

I am a different person than I was 40 days ago. I had the "google" mind set and wanted to just read something cool and feel better but it really is the little things you DO daily that make all the difference. I noticed resistance from the old part of me but as the days went by, slowly there was less resistance. I will continue to use almost all of the tools that you gave us in the morning and evening practices and throughout the day, pushing through the resistance. 
- Annie, Washington

Christine did an excellent job holding space for us during these 40 days. All of the information was visually soothing and the private online site gave me a sense that there was a virtual sanctuary that I could visit to get grounded. – Vikki, California

I have the tools to recognize stress moments earlier so I can reset quicker instead of drag my stress out. I loved the daily emails, they reminded me to take a break. And I Christine was great. You could tell she was real. That she had struggled with this, and I would imagine does on some days, and uses these tools herself. – Heidi, Colorado

My life is already so much more balanced – I use my super power tools daily. I've learned to slow down, and to surrender to the Divine. Because of my morning and evening rituals I begin and end my days with grace.
– Linda


Enriching, fulfilling, transformative - Rita, 2016 Participant