Take A "Power Pause" at this Powerful Time to Get Clear on How to Best Focus Your LifeForce the Second Half of the Year On What...

And has the power to flourish, keep you focused + have the impact you desire 

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When you pause at midpoint in the year & get intentional about what you will grow and what you will let go - instead of trying to do it all or focus on the wrong things - you gain the 'super power' of clarity to focus on what  brings you the most abundant returns on all levels - material, spiritual, relational and emotional.  

 And... to gain access to this wisdom, you have to Slow Down. Unplug from the Outside World. Connect to Your Heart & Soul. Let Wisdom Guide You.  

How F.LO.W. will FLOW


  • Survey your "Field of Possibility" - review and check in on all the projects, purposes, people & personal desires you COULD spend your life force on, but if you tried to do it all, you'd deplete your life force and resources (this one step can take so much pressure off, which I share more about in the videos).
  • Open and Access your Intuitive Wisdom Channels so Guidance can Flow Through - so you make choices based on your heart & soul and wisdom, not your ego, fear or lack.

  • Release what's distracting or draining your energy, time & resources - it's just not time to focus here, even if you really want to, and unless you release yourself from having to do this now, you will distract & drain yourself, clutter up the flow, and take power from what has the potential to really grow & flow. 

PART TWO: FOCUS YOUR LIFE FORCE - choose & commit to what you will grow, cultivate & nourish the rest of the year, so instead of trying to do it all and diminishing your power, you focus on what matters

  • Intentionally choose where you will put your life force, time, money & resources in your work, relationships & personal health, wealth, home and self-expression. 

  • Create a personal F.L.O.W. map - a Power Mandala - that reflects the flow of your life force, time, & resources that you can use the rest of the year to keep you aligned and focused on what matters.

  • Receive a personal practice you can do with your F.L.O.W. intentions to keep you both focused + fluid and connected to Wisdom to guide your choices for the next six months.  

PART THREE: STOKE + FOCUS  YOUR FEMININE CREATIVE POWER -  open up the physical and spiritual flow to fuel your intentions and keep you connected to your Feminine Wisdom the rest of the year 

  • Open the connection between your physical body and spiritual connection so you can more powerfully manifest what's in your heart & mind into physical form -  using feminine and yogic super powers you'll integrate your vision with your body, and open the channels between the physical and spiritual realm - essential for sustainable creation.

  • Receive a daily practice you can do in 3-11 minutes every day to fire up the creative energy in your body that you need to sustain yourself at a physical level, stay clear at a mental level, and stay centered at a emotional level, using Kundalini Yoga (no yoga experience needed).  

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Turn off the outside world to take a mid-year "power pause" to tune into + receive inner guidance on how to best focus your life force and resources for the second half of the year... in all parts of your life.  Your work, relationships, health, wealth, home, expression - the WHOLE YOU.

You'll leave with clarity on what projects, purposes, people you will put your energy & resources towards, permission to set aside what it's not the right time for, and practices to fuel what you will grow the rest of the year.  

I'll create the sacred space and lead you through the process - combining timeless wisdom practices with modern life realities that I've used for over a decade and taught others around the world to focus and fuel their work, relationships, health and wealth. Focus + Fluidity = Flow.

Register below to receive instant access to take the retreat right from the comfort of your own home anytime now through July! 


Slowing down and tuning into to that deeper wisdom within so you can ACCESS the guidance you need to gain the clarity, wisdom, courage and confidence to make the wisest choices in the months ahead can be challenging to do on your own - even for those that know how to access this wisdom. 

Life just has a way of sweeping you up and before you know it, it's the end of summer and you missed this powerful mid-year time to intentionally focus your life force. So you end the year feeling like you didn't get done what really mattered, projects that weren't urgent fall to the wayside, and again you don't make the shifts and changes or do the things that truly matter to you.

Which is why at this mid year point of Solstice, I offer this virtual retreat. You can do the retreat anytime, all at once, or in multiple phases right from home.  

This 'Feminine Super Power Retreat" was broadcast right from my home sanctuary, in my abundant backyard to call in the energy of abundance...true abundance, the kind that nourishes you on all levels, so that your energy can FLOW to what brings you the most abundance - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. 

There are three parts to the retreat - see the details below and remember to register and receive this Power Pause now. We will deliver the videos + Power Pause Booklet right to your inbox, ready for you to tap into the FLOW.



By intentionally focusing your life force, you create a more sustainable reality for yourself where you receive what really matters to you

Each part of F.L.O.W. will be about 40 minutes, giving you space to pause, reflect and for us to DO the ritual & practice together. There will be a pause in between each session so that you can take a break and return, or choose to return later and complete. The beauty of the Feminine Super Power Days is that they have an 'arc' - it's not just one day. You can complete the ritual of your mid year super power pause anytime now through July.

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* F.L.O.W. Feminine Super Power Pause - get clear on where to focus your life force the second half of the year

* Personal F.L.O.W. Mandala - to bring to life visually your life force focuses & commitments so you keep them top of mind & heart 

* Personal F.L.O.W. Practice to stay focused - to do throughout the rest of the year to keep you focused, clear and centered

* Feminine Super Power Pause Booklet - to lead you through the process and capture your personal insights and commitments 

* Embodied Kundalini Yoga Practice for activating the Feminine Creative Power - we'll do this together to add fire power to your projects & focuses

* Short physical practice you can do daily to activate & ignite your Feminine Creative Flow - to keep your energy vibrant & high so your body & heart are supported to thrive  

I so look forward to sharing this power pause and these ancient super power tools with you. We have so much wisdom inside of us if we can just create the space to tune in and listen, and then the faith to follow it. It's my honor to create the space & guide the way.

And I believe the more of us in circle, intentionally creating this way, the more powerful for each of us and the planet. So do share with your tribes & those you love. Thank you. See you soon! 

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I made you this video from my garden where'll I'll be holding this super powered space for you - Learn more about why it's powerful to pause now + how our retreat will flow

Plus - BONUS new for 2017 - You'll choose ONE project or possibility you desire to bring into physical form this year and make the commitment and gain the power to focus extra creative feminine life force here. 

We take this power pause at the time of year known as Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter in the South) - which gives us access to a kind of "Feminine Creative Force and Fuel" that you can intentionally direct to something, giving it super power to grow and flourish this year. What you focus on grows!  

What you focus on grows.
If you try to focus on too much, 
you diminish your power & impact, 
distract your resources and 
drain your life force 

there is a different way... the feminine super power way...   
focus + fluidity + wisdom = living, leading + creating in the flow

Receive Instant Access to the Power Pause and Claim the Sacred Space for Yourself Now. 

Wisdom requires us to PAUSE to illuminate the paths ahead in ways that support us to make wise choices and put our energy to what truly matters - more than ever we need to take these sacred 'power pauses' to get clear on what to FOCUS on, so we don't fragment our power or exhaust ourselves and our resources trying to do it all.