Take a mid-year "Power Pause" in Valley of the Moon Wine Country
 at the heart-nourishing, wisdom-awakening  
Belos Cavalos Horse Ranch on June 24th

You are invited to join us for this one day retreat on 30-acres of expansive land – Belos Cavalos Equine Ranch - in the heart of the Valley of the Moon Sonoma Wine Country - including a herd of 10 magnificent horses &  a great group of people also gathered to tap into a deeper level of wisdom just not accessible from our day to day lives. 

 When you pause at midpoint in the year & get intentional about what you will grow and what you will let go - instead of trying to do it all or focus on the wrong things - you gain the 'super power' of clarity to focus on what brings you the most abundant returns on all levels - material, spiritual, relational and emotional. 


A One Day Power Pause

at Summer Solstice

Taking these power pauses on expansive abundant land with a group gathering with the same intention led by experts who are holding the space for you is an act of leadership and love.

Feminine and Indigineous Wisdom teach us that the wisdom is in the pause. When you pause to reflect and listen at deeper levels you access wisdom and illuminate possibilities and gain clarity in ways you just can’t do in the fullness and frenzy of day to day life.

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(space is limited to a maximum of 20 people)

Each ticket include 20 speakers, 1000 participants, 16 sessions, 5 keynotes.

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an invitation from your retreat leaders, Christine Arylo, transformational leadership advisor, wisdom teacher and best selling author, and Erica Tom, Phd and Equine Specialist

What’s Included in this Retreat? 

* Full day retreat at Belos Cavalaos – from 10am to 4pm 
* The full FLOW process – guided, led and supported, including FLOW wisdom book 
* Experiential Equine Activities to support the FLOW process with select horses from the herd 
* Body movement and mindfulness practices for accessing Intuition and Wisdom and focusing
* A personalized FLOW mandala you will create and take with you to stay focused on what matters 
* Support and guidance during your process including interaction with Christine, Erica and others 
* Closing circle and wine tasting on the land featuring neighbor winery St. Francis 

What is the investment?
Tuition: $288 - which is paid directly to Belos Cavalos Equine Facility, a 501(c)3, going to contribute to the trauma assisted programs supporting local children. Your tuition and donation are fully tax deductible. 

** Lunch will be provided on site from a local Italian Restaurant including fresh salad, chicken, homemade pasta and flatbread for an additional $18, or you can bring your own lunch. 


Slowing down and tuning into to that deeper wisdom within so you can ACCESS the guidance you need to gain the clarity, wisdom, courage and confidence to make the wisest choices in the months ahead can be challenging to do on your own - even for those that know how to access this wisdom. 

Life just has a way of sweeping you up and before you know it, it's the end of summer and you missed this powerful mid-year time to intentionally focus your life force. So you end the year feeling like you didn't get done what really mattered, projects that weren't urgent fall to the wayside, and again you don't make the shifts and changes or do the things that truly matter to you.

Which is why at this mid year point - known in wisdom traditions as "June Solstice" - we offer this one day retreat in the expansive and grounded land of Valley of the Moon, Sonoma California Wine Country. Come for the day. Or for the weekend. 

You'll leave with clarity on what projects, purposes, people you will put your energy & resources towards, permission to set aside what it's not the right time for, and practices to fuel what you will grow the rest of the year.   


$288 for the full day retreat, add $18 for lunch option.

When you register, you'll be taken to the Belos Cavalos Event Brite page. Register there. We will provide you with a receipt for your records, plus communication on how to prepare for a powerful, nourishing, expansive retreat. Can't wait to be with you in person! 

What Others Experience from Working with Christine Arylo + Erica Tom

"Erica, Christine, and everyone at Belos Cavalos (especially the horse-healers), THANK YOU for a profound and powerful resolution to 2016!  You gave us an invaluable gift to take with us into the new year, and for that I am exceedingly grateful.  It was wonderful to meet all of you."

-  Eric Severson, Chief People Officer 


When we gather with intention, shift happens.
Together, we have the power to create anything. 
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Step outside of the routine and pace of your day-to-day life to gain perspective, insight and wisdom on how to best focus your life force and resources this second half of the year – in your work, relationships, health & wealth.

Christine fearlessly guided me to go beyond what I thought was possible to expand my vision of my self and purpose. This process is not for the faint of heart, or for those who just want to paint inside the lines. She’s like a personal trainer for catalyzing spiritual discovery, expansion, and manifestation in people who are ready to accept that possibility and make it real. Christine has guided me to come into my own as a feminine leader and has given me practical tools to create my life from a place of wisdom, grounded intuition and passionate activism.  - Karin Bauer, MBA, Ph.D., Angel Investor and Advisor

When I met Christine, I was torn between the life I knew, and the one I knew was possible, but had no idea how to create on my own. Christine has an uncanny ability to know what was needed during the times when I would resist making the change I wanted to make. Her ability to understand during those critical moments is what helped me make the shift I needed. She provided the right combination of wisdom, kindness and catalytic energy to help me emerge with the life I truly desired. - Claudine Woo, Startup Advisor, Storyteller, Scientist

The way Christine uses her intuition, spiritual connection and divine guidance, and presence is inspiring and amazing. I can always count on her to ZOOM right into the real deeper issue of what’s holding me back or see and reflect back the light and vision in me that I can’t put words on yet. She always holds me and sees me in my greatest potential, which reminds me of WHO I REALLY AM. Christine has taught me about the value and power of the feminine side of leadership and life. I honestly had no idea when I first started working with her that I had repressed that part of me so deeply. Working in corporate America for so long, moving up the ranks and then starting my own business, I only knew one way of succeeding. Now that I have cultivated the feminine side of leading, I work differently, I coach differently and leading is easier and so much more impactful.

- Jen Todd, CEO, Breakthrough Partners Inc. & Founder/Executive Director of the Women of Pokot & Value Girls Globally

What would flourish if you could just focus … in your work, family, relationships, health, home and wealth?  

What will bring you the most abundant harvest come the fall, if you stay focused?

What would you LOVE to focus on but you just can't find the 'time'?

What needs to be released so you don't deplete yourself or miss out on what matters most to you?

Wise leaders pause at the mid-year point, Summer Solstice, to reflect on the first part of the year, to slow down and tap into a deeper inner wisdom, and to gain clarity on the path ahead + how to best focus their life force and resources in all parts of their life . 

You'll leave your retreat with: 

  • clarity on what projects, purpose and goals to set your focus and resources on in your work – what to grow now, what to maintain, what to release, what to seed for later

  • clarity on how you can show up in your relationships – family, friends, work, community, partners in ways that nourish you not drain you -  you will get clear on what your part is to give and to receive in the relationships that matter to you

  • clarity on how to best create and sustain a strong foundation of material and spiritual health and wealth for yourself – so you have what you need to stay strong  

  • clarity on one creative project or desire you want to bring into form in 2017 and the next steps on the path 

  • permission to set aside anything that it is not the right time for or is not yours to do – creating space for yourself to focus on what truly matters

  • a personalized ‘Flow Mandala’ that you make and create that reflects the specific choices you are making about how to focus your life force and resources in all parts of your life  - this will help keep you focused and making choices the rest of the year

  • practices you can use to support you and to fuel what you will grow the rest of the year

About Christine Arylo + Erica Tom, your guides for FLOW

Christine Arylo is a feminine leadership advisor, transformational speaker and best selling author who leads retreats, workshops and programs around the world, working with women to make shift happen – in the lives they lead and work they do. She combines her 15 years of corporate MBA experience in marketing, strategy and leadership communications with her 15 years of spiritual study of the divine feminine, yogic and earth based wisdom traditions to guide women how to live and lead their lives, businesses and relationships, the "feminine way,” professionally successful, internally empowered, and personally sustainable and satisfying.

For more than a decade she has been a catalyst, mentor, and advisor for executives, emerging leaders, and visionary entrepreneurs at organizations such as Gap Inc., Salesforce, Genetech, and Google. Over 35,000 people have participated in and benefited from her personal transformational programs and workshops. She has appeared on CBS, NBC & FOX, blogs regularly for the Huffington Post and Thrive, and is the host of the Feminine Power Time podcast (www.FemininePowerTime.com).

Christine is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor specializing in Vitality and Stress. She is also the founder of the international Path of Self Love School (www.PathofSelfLove.org) which trains teachers, facilitators and coaches around the world how to teach girls and women how to create lives founded in self-compassion, self-trust and self-worth.

Fun fact, from 2012 to 2015 Christine and her partner Noah, decided to go for a life-long dream, sold their house and car, put their belongings in storage, and took a 3-year journey living and working from anywhere in the world. They now reside in Sonoma California Wine Country.

Learn more about Christine at www.ChristineArylo.com

Erica Tom is a scholar, artist, and educator. Melding her expertise in language and communication with over twenty years of experience working with horses, Erica’s scholarly, artistic, and professional work bridges worlds situated along the boundaries of multiple disciplines. Whether in the classroom, boardroom, or pasture, she generates connection and productivity. 

As Phd graduate of the American Studies ABD Doctoral Student at Rutgers University – Newark, Erica conducts ethnographic, literary, historical, and cultural research. Erica earned her BA in English Literature with a minor in Classical Studies from the University of Washington in 2007, and her MA in English Literature from Sonoma State University in 2012.

Erica is the Director of Performance Art and Movement Research at Belos Cavalos, where she facilitates artist’s creative processes with the herd, and organizes public art events. She is also working toward her certification in Equine Experiential Education.

"This was an amazing day and I was privileged to begin the transition to the new year with all of you - and especially with the horses.  They are absolutely amazing. You do such great work."

-  Ty Benoit 

From our end of the year Power Pause Retreat participants

What you can access in the presence of others 
is so much more than you can access on your own.