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If you could trust your Inner Wisdom more,
what would you be doing differently right now?

And just how do you tell the difference between the smart guidance of your Inner Wisdom and the fear or blind faith of 
that 'other' self-sabotaging inner voice?

How do you gain access to that deep wisdom within to guide your choices, and then conjure up the courage to follow it's guidance...
no matter what??


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Watch Now - Feminine Wisdom Session:
Staying S.t.r.o.n.g. & True to Yourself in Intense & Uncertain Times

There is no question most of us are feeling stressed, stretched and affected by the external swirl - so how do we stay clear, centered, and confident inside ourselves?

The truth is... 

While we may not be able to stop bullets with bracelets, as women and girls we DO have super powers for staying S.T.R.O.N.G., the feminine way.

And we need access to this internal power so we can be the leaders we desire to be for this world, our families, our work, our communities and ourselves.

And we need to be in the presence of other women who also dare to step outside of conventional wisdom and our comfort zones, past doubt, fear & frustration, into the core of our feminine wisdom, from where ANYTHING is possible. 

This is why I am calling this Feminine Wisdom Session, on the half moon waning (it's known as the Wisdom Moon)! 

The Replay is available for you to Watch Now. RSVP to this invitation to receive access.

The mental, physical, emotional and spiritual affects of the external swirl + how it's impacting our ability to make choices, stay clear and stay confident and grounded in our truth and inner knowing.

The 5  self-commitments we can make to ourselves to help us stay S.T.R.O.N.G, the feminine way - focused & fluid, courageous & compassionate, intuitively-tapped in, instead of overly-plugged in.

How to tell the difference between the smart guidance of your Inner Wisdom and the fear and blind faith of your self-sabotaging inner voice who fills your head with doubt, confusion & judgment.

Some simple but mighty 'feminine super power' tools and practices to help you more
 consistently gain access to the deep wisdom within... so you can guide your choices wisely, and conjure up the courage to follow your Inner Wisdom's matter what. 

Consider it a sacred date with your heart & soul to get some Feminine Wisdom perspective on what the heck is happening to us collectively and individually & what the sages and timeless wisdom say about how to meet these times in Victory & Grace, instead of succumbing to the pressure, fear, and frenzy.
 Some of what we'll dive into:

Our intention is that you leave our Feminine Wisdom Session more clear on where fear and self sabotage are running you... more tapped into the collective field of feminine wisdom... more clear on how to stay connected to the world without becoming caught up in the swirl of it... and more clear on what your heart and soul are guiding you towards in your life choices, passions and personal wellbeing... with the super power tools and practices to navigate these turblent times with victory, radiance, grace and true feminine power and love, including self-love.  

This Feminine Wisdom Session: "Staying Strong & True to Yourself in Intense and Uncertain Times" will be led by Christine Arylo, transformational leadership advisor, three time best-selling author and Wisdom Teacher. After earning her MBA and climbing the corporate ladder for a decade, she chose to devote her life to helping people transform and architect lives that were both successful + sustainable, in which their hearts and souls could thrive. Known as a  “modern day mystic,” Arylo leads transformational programs, workshops, retreats and talks based on the feminine power and leadership, yogic techniques and earth-based wisdom around the world. You can tune into her thought provoking insights on her weekly podcast, Feminine Power Time, at She has been a featured speaker at TedX, Emerging Women, Kohler, Gap, Wharton and many other women’s conferences, retreat centers, and organizations and companies worldwide. Connect with her at

It is sponsored by The Path of Self Love School, a global school that teaches women and girls how to create a strong inner foundation of confidence, compassion, courage and intuition, using the power of self-love. With over 35,000 students and trained Self Love Guides on 6 continents, the Path of Self Love School has for over a decade brought a new understanding and way of accessing, assessing, teaching and guiding others and oneself on the path and practice of true self-love, beyond just self-esteem or self-compassion. The technology has been tested across age, race and socio-economic background and has been used in therapy, colleges, grade schools, prison systems, families, corporations, health and wellness practices and more as well as traditional coaching, mentoring, and personal development.  For more information visit

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