Join Me For a Year Devoted to Living & Creating the Divine Feminine Way - Starts January 9th! 

End 2015 Powerfully * Create Your Vision Map & Soul Altar for 2016  * Grow Your Vision all Year with the 8 Super Power Days * Keep Your Life Force Aligned to What Matters Most * Learn to Moonifest Your Sacred Work & Desires * Awaken & Strengthen 13 Feminine Super Powers


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Spend the year devoted to living & creating a new way, with me & the Feminine Super Powers at your side, a map attuned to your heart & soul, tapped into a way of moving & grooving that creates more harmony, space, grace. The ancient sages said, "Change your patterns change your life."

I invite you to join me for a full lunar year to reconnect with the sacred feminine rhythms in ways that support you to create a sustainable and spacious way of operating, working, living and creating - where you can create what you desire, without sacrificing yourself. When you learn to trust planning your life and choosing how you will spend your life force this way, good shift happens.

If You Want to FEEL Different, you have to LIVE Differently

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Some things just can't be fully described or communicated on a web page, especially those of the powerfully sacred kind. So instead of writing a whole lot of words that you would have to scroll through, I created and designed a beautiful invitation that reflects the energy and potential shift this expereince offers to those who are ready to operate, live, work, and create in a new way - an ancient way modified for modern times.  Just fill out the form above and I'll send one over to you so you can read through it and see if this is for you this year.

 I also made this message via video so you could see and hear more - watch it & request the invitation, and then we can talk and see if this is the right fit for you.  

We start January 9th so now is the time! 


There is a more natural, free, harmonious way to create and operate your life - it's tied deeply to the divine feminine way of living, connected to the rhythm of the earth cycles, tapped into the divine mystical forces that guide your soul path & it's as real as anything you learned in college, work or through a book ... it's actually more real, more magical and a way better way to live... it's how we create lives aligned with our hearts & souls.

It starts with completing your year in a powerful way. Then spending all of January visioning and dreaming, listening and co-creating with divine guidance and the deepest desires of your heart. And creating a map, a compass and a sacred altar to guide you and keep you in communion with your soul, heart & the Divine & the earth cycles all year to grow your sacred work, relationships, health, wealth, happiness & life. And do it in a way that isn't forcing, rushing, pushing or trying to figure it out with your mind. The feminine feels, she speaks through you, If you know how to listen. If you are pausing to listen. If you have both mystical and physical access. 

Most of us did not get the chance to go to Harry Potter Schoo to learn all the powerful tools we have to create our realities and create lives that match our soul and feed our hearts.  Instead we got domesticated into a crazy society disconnected from the earth, the divine and our soul voice. But inside of us, the sacred ways and wisdom exist, we just need to plug in to it, remember it, and choose to live, work, create, operate and love in this way I call the Feminine Super Powered Way.  It's all in the invitation - get it, read it, and if this speaks to you, save your space or set up a time to talk with me or my team. It's like Feminine Super Power School - moon cycles, mantras, astrology, intention setting, creative visioning, intuitive practices, alchemical journaling, moonifesting, soul alignment, prayer, feminine power & more! 

We start January 9th.  So now is the time to join! 

Women around the world are gathering. I've made this affordable and accessible. Powerful and fun. It will fit into your life, meaning your life will have new structure and rhythm that I and this fabulous circle will hold.  If you are ready to do things differently, to embody the divine feminine, then check it out and let's talk!  


a special video message from me to you

It's time to reclaim a sacred way of creating, operating and living - one that sustains our material success, spiritual success, emotional health & relationship wealth. The time of self sacrifice is over... it's time for self sustainability! 

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